Mission X News

  • Crew Strength training

    Team Biggar performed press ups, squats and push ups. The reason why is because in space your muscles get weak and that activity helps to get them back to full strength.


    Am Dienstag war es endlich soweit: Die Shooting Stars haben auch das MISSION ÖSTERREICH PLAKAT persönlich von Hr. Peter Habison überreicht bekommen! Jetzt suchen wir noch einen ganz besonderen Platz zum Betrachten. Wir werden bald davon berichten!

  • Base station walkback.

    Team Biggar are improving Base Station Walkback each week. We did it at cross country based on the running. The distance was about 1 and a half miles. We all managed to complete the run being timed. It took about 10 minutes for the fastest runners! Astronauts might need to walk long distances in space.

  • Agility Astro course

    Primary 5 Biggar completed the agility astro course improving our skills, for example co-ordination and speed. We also timed each other, it turns out the high score is 7 seconds which is based on lots of practice.

  • Big Bang Theory

    Primary 5 in Biggar found out about the Big Bang Theory and three creation stories. The creation stories were the Chinese story of Yin and Yan, the Hindu story of Lord Vishnu and the Christian story about the world being created by God in seven days. We all came to our own conclusion on the amazing Big Bang Theory.

  • Our Solar System

    Everyone in team Biggar did research to become an expert on a planet and made models and posters. Each group will be teaching each other about their planet, so we will all learn about the whole solar system.

  • Biggar begin!

    Team Biggar, Scotland

    Primary 5 in Biggar Primary, Scotland are taking part in Mission X as part of their Space project this term. They class have split into teams with each team taking responsibility for one fitness activity. Our team names are Shining Stars, Super 6, The Astros, Dollicky Does, and The Amazing Astronauts. Our team experts have made sure everyone is completing the activity, giving their best effort and they understand how the activity prepares astronauts for the journey into space. And of course everyone has fun!

  • groepsfoto!

    Jaaaaa, de groepsfoto's zijn binnen...

  • Kunterbuntes Treiben bei den Baeronauten

    "Spacig" ging es heute in der 3a bei den Baeronauten zu. Mama von Mixi, Mission X-Weltraummüll, Marsmännchen und Co - lustig, unterhaltsam und ideenreich waren die Verkleidungen.
    Meteoritenschauer wurden von der Erde über den Mond zum Mars geblasen, Astronautennahrung wurde verfuttert und "Der Mann im Mond" ist der neue Hit in unserer Klasse!

  • The speed of light

    Today we perform a time reaction activity.
    We use a ruler to practise our hand-eye reaction time.
    We hold the ruler between the index finger and the thumb.
    We're satisfied about our results!
    We've a good average!!! 11/30!
    We've to improve our skills but we're happy for now!
    Today we make a good time! We're very proud of we.

    Oggi noi facciamo un' attivita' di tempo di reazione.
    Noi usiamo un righello per vedere la nostra reazione mano-occhio.
    Noi teniamo il righello tra l'indice e il pollice.
    Siamo soddisfatti dei nostri risultati!
    Abbiamo una buona media!! 11/30!
    Siamo migliorati nelle nostre abilità, per ora siamo contenti!
    Oggi abbiamo fatto dei tempi buoni!
    Siamo veramente orgogliosi di noi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crew Strength Training Challenge

    We set up strength stations in the gym hall in order to perform a variety of weight bearing exercises. These included, squats and pulses, the plank, push ups, wall presses and the tug of war. We commented upon the effect these exercises had on our bodies during and after each exercise. We then recorded these effects in our mission logs.

  • Base Station Walkback! Challenge Complete :-)

    We overcame the challenges of the Scottish climate to successfully complete our first mission. We walked, ran and skipped on a daily basis to build up our walking distance and stamina. We ensured that we were well hydrated in order to get back to base.

    Our teacher used a fitness app to record our times and distances. Bring on the next challenge!

  • Flying Sausages

    The Flying Sausages busy with "Reduced gravity, lower fat"


    Anche la classe V A del I C. D. di POMPEI ,grazie all'insegnante Virgilia Manzi,è partita per questo viaggio incredibile e straordinario...W MISSION X!

  • Go Mission go à l'école Mosaic de Genève

  • Space Zone

    Space Zone Jump to the Moon
    Space Zone Jump to the Moon
  • Weltraumkraft in eurem Körper

    Diese Mission war eine richtige Herausforderung.Aber genau das hat uns am besten gefallen.
    Jeder von uns hat das Beste gegeben und richtig gut seine Bauch- und Rückenmuskeln gestärkt .

  • Toller Besuch vom Mission-X Team

    Heute hatten wir einen tollen Tag.Wir wurden von Peter, des Mission X Teams, besucht. Er hat uns das Plakat von Astrocharly mitgenommen und uns Interessantes über den Weltraum erzählt. Das Highlight war jedoch eindeutig der Flug zum Mond und zum Saturn.
    Auch die Erde so betrachten zu können wie es die Astronauten machen war ein spannendes Erlebnis.

  • Astro-Trainingsstrecke

    Die heutige Mission hat uns besonders Spaß gemacht.Wir konnten unsere Geschwindigkeit austesten und uns gegenseitig anfeuern.
    Besonders stolz waren die Kinder,die sich nach mehreren Versuchen steigern konnten!
    Wir sind schnell und wendig!

  • Unschlagbar im Team

    Augen, Hände und dabei reden - es war eine gelungene Teamarbeit der Baeronauten, die wirklich die volle Punkteanzahl verdiente!

  • Mission 7 des Stargalaxus en collaboration avec les CM2!

    Dur dur d'être un astronaute...avec nos gants et nos combinaisons nous avons rempli la mission 7 avec succès en assemblant le plus vite possible différents puzzles. L'esprit d'équipe et la concentration étaient de mise pour cet exploit réalisé en collaboration avec les Astro du CM2!

  • Jump for the moon

    30 jumps in 30 seconds

  • CzechTeam - Mascot

    Famous Czech cartoon character Little Mole (Krtek or Krteček)

  • Crew Strenngth Training

    Doing body weight squats and push ups in Canada.

  • CzechTeam: Space Cowboys + Space Miss


    Opening Program:

    MX2015Czech MX2015Czech
  • Foto's missie Spring naar de Maan

    Hier de foto's... Leuk hé! :)


  • Unschlagbar im Team

    Diesmal bauten wir unsere Mission mitten in unseren Faschingstag ein und versuchten um die Wette ein Puzzle zusammenzubauen und Bechertürme zu gestalten. Natürlich so wie Astronauten mit dicken Handschuhen! Der Zeitdruck war enorm, die Konzentration zu bewahren schwierig, aber der Spaß und das Teamwork gigantisch!

  • INCONTRO SPAZIALE fra due classi dell' Istituto di Lucca

    Mettiamoci alla prova!


    Le due squadre dell'Istituo A SPACE e CURIOSITY si affronteranno in dieci sfide spaziali di cui cinque saranno prove prevalentemente ginniche e misureranno la preparazione fisica e le altre cinque saranno prove, orali e scritte, che misureranno la preparazione sugli argomenti di scienze legati all'alimentazione e allo scheletro. Alcune sfide si svolgeranno in lingua inglese.
    Ciascuna classe formerà dei gruppi ognuno dei quali parteciperà almeno a due sfide (di cui una ginnica e una no). Le sfide verranno comunicate alle squadre soltanto una settimana prima dell'incontro, quindi è importante essere preparati su tutto!

    Verrà assegnato un punteggio a ciascuna prova in base al tempo, alle risposte corrette, all'impegno e al lavoro di squadra manifestato durante il gioco. La giuria sarà composta dai docenti di scienze, di inglese e di educazione fisica e il loro giudizio è insindacabile!

    Astropista agilità
  • Spring naar de maan

    Vandaag zijn wij begonnen met onze eerste missie: Spring naar de maan. Wij hebben allemaal touwtje gesprongen op het schoolplein. Het ging hartstikke goed!

    De foto's volgen zo spoedig mogelijk!


  • "Crew strength training” and “Do a space walk"!!

    「SPACE TOGO」愛知郡東郷町
    SPACE TOGOの本日のミッションは、「クルーのストレングストレーニング&スペースウォーク」!

    "SPACE TOGO" in Aichi               Friday, February 13, 2015
    Today's mission for us, SPACE TOGO, was "Crew strength training” and “Do a space walk!".
    After warming up with the TOGO TAISO daily exercise, we emulated the set of workouts that are practiced by astronauts, such as squats and push-ups, learning from instruction pictures. Everyone looked very serious in doing the exercise.
    We then tried the spacewalking, which we crawled on hands and legs in the image of walking in space.
    Through these activities we grew friendship between crews and became more and more aware of our teamwork. We will continue to enjoy this challenge together with the crew members!

  • VIA LATTEA- Comprensivo I D. D'Aosta - Secondaria I - Cesano maderno

    Lavoriamo su forza, equilibrio e coordinazione...like an astronaut!!

  • Gli Space adventurers cominciano con astropista!

    Per la II A dell'Istituto Comprensivo "G. Pascoli" di Matera inizia la sfida: agilità, coordinazione, velocità e...tanto entusiasmo!!

  • Gli Space adventurers cominciano con astropista!

    Per la II A dell'Istituto Comprensivo "G. Pascoli" di Matera inizia la sfida: agilità, coordinazione, velocità e...tanto entusiasmo!!

  • Ausdauertraining

    Die Shooting Stars haben fleißig an ihrer Ausdauer trainiert. Wir haben den gesamten Turnsaal ausgemessen und berechnet wie viele Runden die 1600 Meter benötigen. Dann haben wir trainiert und uns immer weiter gesteigert. Schließlich haben fast alle die verlangten 1600 Meter geschafft. Bravo Shooting Stars!!!

  • Andere Planeten, andere Schwerkraft

    Wir haben hier 2 Missionen zusammengezogen, die Weltraumakrobatik und die Schwerkraft mit den Medizinbällen. Die Kinder sind bei den Medizinbällen noch auf viele andere Ideen gekommen wie zb Liegestütze auf dem Medizinball - die Fotos habe ich bei der Mission Weltraumakrobatik dazu hochgeladen

  • Weltraumakrobatik

    Wir haben hier 2 Missionen zusammengezogen, die Weltraumakrobatik und die Schwerkraft mit den Medizinbällen. Die Kinder sind bei den Medizinbällen noch auf viele andere Ideen gekommen wie zb Liegestütze auf dem Medizinball

  • Besatzungsbildung - Unschlagbar im Team

    Bei dieser Übung wurde der Teamgeist ganz in den Vordergrund gestellt. Die Kinder mussten verschiedene Aufgaben mit verschiedenen Schwierigkeitsgraden lösen...und hatten einfach riesengroßen Spaß dabei.

  • Schwing dich aufs Weltraumfahrrad

    Über die Semesterferien bekamen meine Schulkinder die Mission als Hausaufgabe. Leider waren einige Kinder krank, die anderen haben sich aber tapfer geschlagen und sind mehrmals zur Schule und zurück gefahren

  • Space for Exercise

    Students from Hockerill checked out their commander crunches and bear walks as they trained like astronauts. Students competed in their equipe teams - Goethe, Brunel, Pascal, and Da Vinci.

  • Hockerill Anglo European College Train Like Astronauts

    Hockerill Anglo European College

    300 students from Hockerill trained like astronauts on their February 11th launch day organised as part of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme day organised by Mr Vine and Mr Pollard. Teachers arranged a full day of space activities including - fitness, science, and careers events. Students had a mission x passport and they recorded their activities. Students took their pulse and checked on how the exercise affected their heart rate. Thanks to the PE staff who led the activities in the cold!

    Hockerill Anglo European College
  • Sarum Hall School Have the Right Stuff

    Sarum Hall

    Sarum Hall School are well suited for space! Great work girls - go girls in space! Check out the cover of Spaceflight magazine from the British Interplanetary Society with Tim Peake in his Sokol spacesuit too.

    Sarum Hall
  • Mission X 3D

    Mission X 3d

    Students at the Royal Aeronautical Society Mission X Launch day had an opportunity to see how 3D printing is transforming engineering in space. See how the MIssion X badge looks in 3D.

  • Cool Space and Aeronautics Help Launch Mission X at Royal Aeronautical Society

    Tim Peake and SpaceFund at Royal Aeronautical Society

    The Royal Aeronautical Society hosted the Mission X Launch event. Presentations from Space Fund gave insights into Tim Peake's training. A great start to Mission X for London Schools. Thanks to Jo Fox and also to the Heinlein Education Trust for the loan of the spacesuit! Good luck to Vittoria Primary School and Sarum Hall School - we look forward to seeing your blog updates!

    Mission X at Royal Aeronautical Society
  • Deux pas de plus vers la lune !

    Force physique de l'équipage (suite 1)

    Après les exercices de musculation et de rapidité, les élèves de Mission Ariane ont renforcé leur masse osseuse en sautant jusqu'à la lune et travaillé la coordination de leurs mouvements en marchant en crabe ou à quatre pattes. Des efforts qu'ils ont partagé dans la bonne humeur !

    Force physique de l'équipage (suite 2) Force physique de l'équipage (suite 3) Vitesse de la lumière (suite 1)
  • Et un, et deux et trois de plus !

    Un pas dans l'espace 1

    Trois activités de plus pour les élèves de Mission Apollo ! Endurance lors d'une séance de saut à la corde, agilité et rapidité pour le parcours d'Astro-course, coordination et développement de sa musculature pour la marche à quatre pattes de l'ours et la marche en crabe. Après tous ces efforts, 2 semaines de vacances ne seront pas de trop pour récupérer ...!

    Un pas dans l'espace 2 Un pas dans l'espace 3 Un pas dans l'espace 4
  • F-light like us

  • Missione Energia per un astronauta

    "Guardate questa piramide, seguite i suoi consigli e vedrete la vostra pancia sorridere"


    Mission CONTROL

    Anche noi abbiamo iniziato il nostro allenamento...ci sentiamo forti... VIVA CHARLIE!!


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