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    mi flexibilidad

    Esta misión nos encanto, fue genial de principio a fin donde debemos tener flexibilidad, coordinación, agilidad para poder girar nuestro cuerpo.

    This mission enchanted us, it was great from beginning to end where we must have flexibility, coordination, agility to be able to turn our body

    si se puede fue muy divertido mucha diversión

    punto de partida

    Caminar es muy importante para nuestra vida diaria ya que mantenemos nuestro cuerpo activo, ademas fortalecemos el corazón, los músculos y los pulmones. fue muy interesante esta misión.

    Walking is very important for our daily life because we keep our body active, we also strengthen the heart, muscles and lungs. This mission was very interesting.

    en busca de la estación base falta poco hemos  recorrido muchos millas

    construimos bien la pirámide

    Esta misión fue espectacular donde aprendimos a leer las etiquetas de información nutricional. También vimos como debemos tener una alimentación bien balanceada a través de la pirámide alimenticia.

    This mission was spectacular where we learned to read the nutrition information labels. We also saw how we should have a well-balanced diet through the food pyramid.

    aprendimos algo nuevo fue genial el aprendizaje misión cumplida

    comenzó la misión

    La misión Astro Recorrido de Agilidad es una prueba donde mostramos nuestra agilidad, velocidad, coordinación, respeto, fue muy divertido

    The Astro Tour Agility mission is a test where we show our agility, speed, coordination, respect, it was very fun

    buena agilidad muy divertido misión cumplida

    buen equilibrio

    En esta misión teníamos que tener mucho equilibrio, coordinación espacial, agilidad, fue muy genial la actividad, nos reímos mucho y aprendimos que debemos trabajar actividades relacionas al equilibrio como: bailar, patinar, montar bicicleta entre otras.

    In this mission we had to have a lot of balance, spatial coordination, agility, activity was very great, we laughed a lot and we learned that we should work on activities related to balance such as: dancing, skating, riding a bicycle among others.

    coordinación fuerza y punteria las niñas también podemos

    salte, salte

    Saltar a la luna fue una actividad muy divertida ya que a menudo hacemos eso de saltar la cuerda, ya que fortalecemos nuestro huesos, el corazón y los músculos. lo genial es que adquirimos resistencia si practicamos a diaria esta misión.

    Jumping to the moon was a very fun activity because we often do that jump rope, as we strengthen our bones, heart and muscles. the great thing is that we acquire resistance if we practice this mission daily

    es muy divertido los voy alcanzar nos vamos para la luna

    duele un poco las piernas

    En esta misión la tripulación trabajaron para fortalecer sus músculos y los huesos. Además vieron que mientras jugaban , corrían, saltaban, utilizaban la fuerza de las piernas y brazos al realizar las diferentes actividades físicas. fue muy divertido la misión.

    In this mission the crew worked to strengthen their muscles and bones. They also saw that while they played, they ran, they jumped, they used the strength of the legs and arms when performing the different physical activities. The mission was very fun

    la prueba fue genial genial uno, dos, tres

    fuerza mucha fuerza

    La tripulación se gozo esta misión ya que el gateo de oso fue sensacional para ellos, luego el caminar del cangrejo fue muy divertido. donde aprendieron coordinar la fuerza con el peso de su propio cuerpo.

    The crew enjoyed this mission since the bear crawling was sensational for them, then the crab walking was very fun. where they learned to coordinate strength with the weight of their own body

    trabajando duro un poco de cansancio relajación
  • Circuit Training 2 (CT2)

    The Little Astronauts started the activity “Base station walk back” outside in the school yard and then continued with the missions: “Peake liftoff”, “Mission: control” and “Do a spacewalk!” in the gym.

  • Circuit Training 1 (CT1)

    The Little Astronauts’ training will soon be completed and one of their last mission was to select four activities and do the stations as quickly as they can, while maintaining proper form. The circuit training took place in the gym and included six exercises (stations) of the activities: “Jump to the moon”, “Crew strength training”, “Let’s climb a Martian mountain” and “Building an astronaut core”. Each exercise lasted 1min and the rest interval between them was 30s. Two cycles were performed with a 3 min interval.


    buena actividad

    En esta Misión los niños aprendieron como fortalecer los músculos del abdomen y de la espalda, siempre teniendo en cuenta la buena postura del cuerpo al hacer los ejercicios o cada movimiento .

    In this Mission children learned how to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and back, always taking into account the good body posture when doing the exercises or each movement

    a correr se dijo si se puede espectacular día


    LA VELOCIDAD DE LA LUZ. Entrenamiento de la Reacción Coordinada de las Manos y los Ojos. En esta actividad los niños se la gozaron unos con un poco dificultades pero fue muy divertida donde debían coordinar manos y ojos al mismo tiempo. Todos trabajando en la concentración,
    la coordinación y la capacidad para reaccionar.

    Training of the Coordinated Reaction of the Hands and Eyes. In this activity the children enjoyed some with a little difficulty but it was very fun where they had to coordinate hands and eyes at the same time. All working in concentration,
    coordination and the ability to react

  • Circuit Training 2 (CT2)

    The Little Explorers started with the mission “Base station walk back”, they continued with “mission: control” and “Peake liftoff”. Finally, they enjoyed themselves performing “bear crawl” and “crab walk.

  • CT2-9th Primary School of Levadia

    A very beautiful experience came to an end. After acquiring more healthy habits and learning interesting things about the space and the planets as well as about the preparation of training like an astronaut the last 4 activities we chose were: Agility Astro-Course, Building an Astronaut Core, Do a Spacewalk and Crew Assembly.
    Thank you, Mission X for the wonderful experience!

  • Circuit Training 1 (CT1)

    The circuit training of The Little Explorers was performed for 20 min and involved the execution of six exercises (rope jump, climbing on wall bars, push-ups, body-weight squats, abdominal crunches and back extensions) which were included in these four missions: “Jump to the moon”, “Crew strength training”, Let’s climb a Martian mountain” and “Building an astronaut core”. Each exercise lasted 1min and the rest interval between them was 30s. Two cycles were performed with a 3 min interval.


    With reusable material, the thoracic box, lungs, trachea and diaphragm (bottle of soda, straws, balloons, surgery glove) were prepared where we could demonstrate the breathing processes.

  • Paso del cangrejo.


    Mission X. Our hypothesis. Physical exercise involves maintaining a good breathing process for astronauts.

  • MISION X. SENTADILLAS. Semillero SEMINOR/ALMAGESTO-Barrancabermeja/Colombia.

    Squats contribute to the astronaut's strengthening of the lower limbs improves movements and reduces the risk of joint injury, this exercise allows balance to work in addition to mobility.


    At this time we started our physical preparation, walking and running from 100 to 800 meters that was our goal. This exercise helps the astronaut to strengthen the muscles, physical fitness, improve our blood pressure, also helps us to improve our concentration and have a better attitude in coexistence.

  • "SOMOS MISION X" - Presentación Grupo SEMINOR/ALMAGESTO de la Escuela Normal Superior Cristo Rey en Barrancabermeja/Colombia.

    Welcome. We are the SEMINOR/Almagesto group of the ESCUELA NORMAL SUPERIOR CRISTO REY. We are located in Barrancabermeja, Colombia. We invite you to observe our work in the preparation of an astronaut. We are very happy and excited to be part of the mission X project.

  • The Balancing Act

    We performed the mission control activity focussing on the throwing and catching techniques while standing on one foot.
    Many of us wibbled a lot making it hard to stand on one foot for 60 seconds. The second round was a lot better.
    Throwing the ball was a lot easier than catching it.
    Using a tennis ball was even harder, we then tried to use the handball and it worked better for us.

  • Raketenabschussrampen ...

    ... bauten die Weltraummäuse der 3.b im Werkunterricht, natürlich auch eine passende Rakete dazu!

  • Ein erster kleiner Hinweis ...

    ... auf das, was die Weltraummäuse im Moment ganz eifrig machen:
    Es geht um Abenteuer, ... um Abenteuer, die einige mutige Weltraummäuse (und zwar nicht die "realen" aus der 3.b, sondern von den Kindern erfundene) zu bestehen haben.
    Das Endprodukt werden die Kinder dann am 8.5. nach Linz mitbringen.
    Neugierig geworden? Lasst euch überraschen :-)

  • Astronauten-Parcours der Weltraummäuse

    Den wunderschönen Freitagvormittag am 13.April nützten die Weltraummäuse der 3.b zu einem besonderen Astronauten-Parcours im "grünen Garten" der Schule. Übers Klettergerüst galt es so schnell wie möglich vom "Einstieg" bis zur "Rutsche" zu gelangen. Und das gelang sehr gut!

  • presentación

    La Institución Educativa Antonio José de Sucre, se presenta a través de este video en el cual, damos a conocer el compromiso y motivación que Misión X a generado en la familia Sucreña.

  • Encontro Nacional da Missão X

    Estamos na TV!! Programa "Portugal em Direto", RTP, 18:42, 13/04/2018.
    Aprendemos imenso, divertimo-nos tanto!
    Obrigada Missão X!!

  • Living Bones - NWMS Battle Creek MI

    Living Bones

    Northwestern Middle School 7th graders learned why bone health is essential for working on board the ISS. We learned the difference between cortical and trabecular bone, resorption and ossification, and with the help of Mr. Pun our skeletal model, we looked at all the bones of the body. They named the two essential ingredients for building stronger bones: nutrition and exercise, reinforced by the Stemonstration: Exercise video. As a group we built two models and stacked books on them to see which could withstand the most weight. As predicted, the model with thicker sides and compacted inside held up the most books. Journal entries and discussions explored why.

  • Тимски рад

    Најмлађи "свемирски кадети" Чегаровци су се опробали у тимском изазову - састави слагалицу од 108 делова али док на рукама имаш дебеле заштитне рукавице! Зашто у рукавицама? Зато што астронаути носе чак 2 пара специјалних дебелих заштитних рукавица док у свемиру, ван свемирске станице, понекад морају да поправе неки њен део. Уопште није лако манипулисати ситним деловима док на рукама имате дебеле рукавице! Али наши малишани су прилично вешто успели да сложе слагалицу и у оваквим "отежаним" условима. Погледајте!

  • Тимски рад

    Најмлађи "свемирски кадети" Чегаровци су се опробали у тимском изазову - састави слагалицу од 108 делова али док на рукама имаш дебеле заштитне рукавице! Зашто у рукавицама? Зато што астронаути носе чак 2 пара специјалних дебелих заштитних рукавица док у свемиру, ван свемирске станице, понекад морају да поправе неки њен део. Уопште није лако манипулисати ситним деловима док на рукама имате дебеле рукавице! Али наши малишани су прилично вешто успели да сложе слагалицу и у оваквим "отежаним" условима. Погледајте!

  • Sind die Affronauten untergetaucht?

    Nein, nur unser Teamcaptain ist für ein paar Tage abgetaucht, deshalb wurde es etwas ruhiger um uns.

    Das bedeutet aber nicht, dass wir faul herum gehangen sind! Ganz im Gegenteil, wir absolvierten einige unserer Missionen.
    Unter anderem machten wir die Straßen auf unseren Rädern unsicher, trainierten unser Kreislauf beim Floorball Training, aboslvierten einen 1,4 km Lauf und stärkten unsere Rumpf beim lustigen Spiel "Kraken Sushi".

    Einen kleinen Einblick sollen euch unsere Bilder geben, und wer mehr darüber lesen und sehen möchte, kann gernen unsere Klassenpinnwand besuchen:


  • Тренирамо брзину на полигону

    Успели смо да истрчимо полигон без обарања чуњева! Браво за екипу седмака Чегароваца! Напред Мисија Х 2018!

  • Реакција брзином светлости

    Наши најмлађи учесници су испробали своје рефлексе и брзину реакције. Ухвати лењир пре него што падне! Баш је забавно вежбати као астронаут!

  • tightrope

    Ernährung eines Astronauten

  • EIn aktiver Tag

    Hier ein kurzes Video zu einem sehr aktiven Tag der Eulonauten !

  • Peake Lifotff!

    The Little Astronauts performed a series of exercises such as squats, pushups, and jumping in the air. After all these we finished with a Peake Liftoff!!!

  • Do a Spacewalk

    The Little Astronauts performed “bear crawl” and “crab walk” to increase muscular strength and improve upper and lower body coordination. It was funny and they enjoyed themselves.

  • Do a Spacewalk

    The Little Explorers performed “bear crawl” and “crab walk” and tried moving in a forward and then backward direction. They liked these exercises so much that they have told me that they were their favorites.

  • Peake Lifotff!

    The Little Explorers performed activities which consisted of squats, pushups, and jumping in the air that required a coordinated effort between the brain and different muscles.

  • Missie X in Nemo

    Weer een superleuke dag voor 7B.
    We zijn naar het museum Nemo geweest met een paar andere scholen die ook meedoen met Missie X. Als eerste gingen we naar een soort bioscoopzaal en daar keken we allemaal filmpjes van scholen die dingen hebben gedaan voor Missie X. Ons filmpje was natuurlijk de beste. En daarna kwam er een heeeeeele speciale gast in de zaal: André Kuipers!!!!
    Hij legde ons uit hoe het in de ruimte is geweest en liet hele leuke filmpjes aan ons zien.
    Zo liet hij bijvoorbeeld zien hoe vloeistof reageert zonder zwaartekracht. Nou, hij schonk wat water over zich heen en het bleef gewoon op zijn hoofd plakken.
    Dat was echt heel interessant. Daarna mochten we allemaal vragen stellen aan André Kuipers. Toen mochten we uit de soort van bioscoopzaal en mochten we nog even allemaal dingen doen in Nemo zelf.
    Kortom het was een superleuke dag.

    Joris - 11 jaar

  • Belfairs team 2: Holiday Challenges

    Mission X trainees doing experiments at Belfairs Woodland Centre holiday activit

    Our Belfairs Holiday team made their Mission X Space patches and then conducted space height tests and maths - as April is Maths Month. We watched the space height video and then measured ourselves and calculated our expected space height.We also played a race to the Moon game using Maths to make our way.

    Mission X trainees doing challenges for astronaut training at Belfairs Woodland Mission X trainees in action doing astronaut challenges
  • Building an Astronaut Core

    The Little Explorers Using only their abdominal muscles, lifted their upper body until their shoulder blades left the ground. Then lowered their shoulders down using only their abdominal muscles to complete one crunch. They completed as many crunches as possible in one minute.
    The Little Explorers also performed pilot plank. They lied down on their stomach, Rested on their forearms, made a fist with each hand, placed their knuckles on the floor shoulder width apart. Using only their arm muscles, pushed their body off the floor supporting their weight on their forearms and toes. They tried to have their bodies as straight as possible.
    Finally, they performed back extensions and stretching.

  • Astrocourse pour la MISSION 44

    Vertige et précision
    Implusion et concentration Chrono et coopération
  • Building an Astronaut Core

    The Little Astronauts performed crunches, back extensions, and pilot plank to improve abdominal and back muscle strength; and recorded observations about improvements in core muscle strength during this physical experience in their space diary.

  • A Missão X como base do Projeto de Autonomia e Flexibilidade Curricular

    O Agrupamento de Escolas de Moimenta da Beira aderiu ao Projeto de Autonomia e Flexibilidade Curricular.
    Ter a Missão X como projeto base tem sido uma experiência muito positiva para todos os envolvidos.
    Aqui fica uma pequena contextualização e algumas das estratégias que temos utilizado.

  • Erleben von (Un-) Gleichgewicht

    Für die Mission "Körperbeherrschung" probierten wir zwei unterschiedliche Experimente:

    Zuerst wie in der Anleitung beschrieben das Werfen und Fangen von Bällen, während wir auf einem Bein stehen. Das war gar nicht so einfach, vor allem wenn der Ball nicht ganz genau zugeworfen wird! Manchmal mussten wir ein bisschen mit dem zweiten Bein schummeln :-)

    Um zu erleben, wie die beschriebene Raumwahrnehmung eines Astronauten nach dem Weltraumflug sein könnte, probierten wir folgendes: wir bekamen einen Stock, um den wir uns 10 mal ganz schnell drehen mussten. Und direkt danach mussten wir eine kurze Strecke gerade zu unserer Gruppe zurücklaufen. Wie es uns dabei ergangen ist, seht ihr auf dem Video...

  • Sinnesparcours

    Zur Mission "Wie schmeckt´s im All?" durften wir einen Sinnesparcours durchmachen. Es gab verschiedene Stationen wie
    - Tasten
    - Hören
    - Sehen
    - Schmecken
    wo alle Sinne angesprochen wurden.

    Ganz besonders lustig war das Schmecken, hier probierten wir aus, wo auf der Zunge die unterschiedlichen Bereiche für verschiedene Geschmäcker liegen. Mit einer Pipette tropften wir unterschiedliche Flüssigkeiten wie z.B. Grapefruitsaft auf die Zunge und versuchten herauszufinden, wo "bitter" geschmeckt wird...

  • 7 years old Discovery Kids

    We are a team

    Space Explorers are only 7years old. They completed in 6 weeks 10 activities. 2 more are on the way. They enjoyed all the activities related with the space exploration. Right now they are training hard to prepare for the future. Who knows, one day they might become real space explorers.
    The text belong to the children. The photos were taken by them, too.

    We can do it together Determined to finish the exercise I am confident in my powers
  • What's your Space Height (and Weight)?

    Die Space Turtles wollten mit großer Neugierde wissen, ob ihre Körpergröße tagsüber konstant bleibt, oder ob sich da etwas ändert und eine wesentliche Frage trat auf… wie groß sind wir eigentlich im Weltraum? Frau Lehrerin Hartl wartete bereits morgens in der Klasse auf uns und begann alle ihre Turtles einzeln abzumessen und abzuwiegen. Sogar Arm- und Beinlänge wurde gemessen. Wozu das jetzt? Felix stellte fest, dass dies besonders wichtig für die Raumanzüge sei. Der Astronaut muss ja schließlich ausreichend Bewegungsfreiheit bei seinem Space Walk haben.
    Am Abend trugen die Turtles ihre Körpergröße ebenfalls ins Log-Buch ein. Jetzt konnten die unterschiedlichen Körpergrößen ins Diagramm eingetragen und das Space Height berechnet werden!
    Welch Überraschung! Im Weltraum wären alle Kinder ca. 4cm größer und ein maßgeschneiderter Weltraumanzug um 10 Mio. € zu klein!!!!

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