Mission X News

  • Explora e Descobre

    Os alunos fizeram uma atividade cujo era usado uma quadra, nessa quadra o circulo do centro utilizado nos jogos de basquete era o ponto de partida da equipe de seis alunos, ao redor da quadra existem seis cones onde cada um significa uma atividade, tais: dez abdominais, dez flexões, dez polichinelos, dez pulos de corda, dez voltas da bola de basquete em torno de si mesmo, cinco voltas com a bola de basquete em torno de dois cones alinhados. Os participantes ficavam inicialmente no centro da quadra, dentro do circulo utilizado nos jogos de basquete, e assim todos os alunos, após o professor soltar o cronômetro se dirigiam cada membro para um cone realizando a atividade correspondente. Todos os alunos da equipe realizavam os seis exercícios, a equipe que os fizesse em menos tempo vencia a missão. Após cinco minutos de descanso era medido a frequência cardíaca de cada aluno.

  • Atividades com cones

    Os Alunos fizeram atividades usando uma bola de basquete para realizar o percurso da "tabela de cones". A atividade foi realizada no objetivo de melhorar a capacidade de movimento, coordenação, velocidade influenciando também no funcionamento cardíaco.

  • Basqueteboll

    Os alunos jogaram Basquetebol, um jogo que ajuda a construir a consciência espacial, fazendo com que seu corpo saiba onde está no espaço e no tempo. O jogo ajuda a desenvolver tanto a força superior e inferior do corpo


    Que bom aspeto!

    Que belo aspecto. será que sabe tão bem quanto aparenta? Vamos tentar adivinhar qual o alimento que os alunos estão a saborear.

    Que bom aspeto! Que bom aspeto!
  • A microbial box


    Rafforziamo i muscoli e, nello stesso tempo, coordiniamo i movimenti delle varie parti del corpo: così saremo pronti a muoverci con grazia sfidando la microgravità!

  • The Pathfinders - Weltraumgeschichten

    Logbucheintrag: 40 Sternzeit: 22. März 2017
    φ 46.6664 λ 14.2274
    Mrs commander SPIRIT:
    „Jim und ich erkunden einen unerforschten Planeten. Als wir den Planeten betreten…“ So begannen unsere Fantasiegeschichten im All.

  • Repeating some Activities to see if the people we serve Responses change.

    Worked on the energy of the astronaut and Space station walkback
    The walk back has been going on because we want to see how the people we serve have or have not changed. That will be reported at the end of the space mission. But it does seem that our "Astronauts" are getting better.
    Same with the gravity of the Astronaut. They seem to get the idea of what they are doing now and better to do the task with out flailing. Even though we have sone other things in between the people we serve seem to remember with the verbal cue given to them.


    For the next three weeeks we are really lucky because we have got a tablet for each pupil.
    So we used the time for creating twenty special and wonderful E-BOOKS.
    We worked very hard but we had a lot of fun.


    In our classroom we were talking about team, teamwork, respect and helping each other.
    But then you could hear SOYUZ LANDING --NADIR--HEEL TOES--LINEMAN--.....
    I can tell you we had a lot of fun!!!!

  • Primary schoolo of Isthmia

    The students of the E2 class of the Primary school of Isthmia “Trained like astronauts”. During the lesson of Physical Education they had the opportunity to improve their speed, strength, balance; heart, lung, and muscle endurance. Also, they understood that being physically active is important in order to keep your body and mind at good condition as long as possible.

  • A microbial box

    Abbiamo creato una scatola dei microbi e ci siamo divisi in gruppi. Ogni gruppo ha analizzato due prodotti e la loro relazione con i microbi, poi lo ha riferito al resto della classe, tutto in lingua inglese!
    We created a microbial box and we divided in small groups. Every group analyzed two items and how they are related to microbes, then we reported to the class what we discovered, all in English!

  • Forschen und Entdecken

    Forschen und Entdecken

    Die 3A-Weltraumprofis der VS Henndorf konnten in dieser Mission viele interessante Dinge erfahren und beobachten.
    Wie messe ich meinen Puls? Das war gar nicht so einfach und brauchte mehrere Anläufe, bis wir unseren tatsächlichen Puls festgestellt hatten.
    Warum verändert sich mein Puls, wenn ich mich bewege? Manche Kinder waren sehr erstaunt, wie viel sich ihr Puls unter Belastung erhöhte.

    Wir fühlten uns wie echte Weltraumforscher und brachten unsere "Proben" mit höchster Vorsicht vom Forschungsgelände zur Basisstation. Das war ganz schön anstrengend...

    Forschen und Entdecken
  • 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini, Space explorers in action!

    We explored the constellations and visited the Museum of Natural History in Alexandroupolis. We made inspired by theconstellations name tags for each other and a constellation lanttern as a gift for the Museum and drawings.

  • 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini, Space explorers in action!

    We performed a walk at our own pace. We measured course and distances. We made observations.

  • 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini, Space explorers in action!

    We played with balls to strengthen our arms and torso muscles and improve our coordination. It seemed like an easy activity but when performing it we realized that it needed balance and coordination. This activity was performed in February and even though it was a little bit cold outside the students were determined to perform it correct and had fun with it.

  • Team Planet

    Let's climb a Martian mountain was super fun and gave us an opportunity to build our strength too. We climbed that mountain and hung on for our life.

  • Team planet

    What fun we all had at gym on Friday! We got to take part in the space roll and roll. After watching Andre Kuipers rolling in space we got to try it out without the help of being weightless it took a bit more effort though!

  • Mission X From Antarctica to Mars

    Antarctica to Mars MX 2017 Hockerill

    Our Year 7 & 9 students and teachers embarked upon a great journey from the vast wilderness of the Antarctic to the barren surface of the Red Planet, Mars.
    They were led on this adventure by the eminent Antarctic Scientist John Dudeney OBE, who, virtually dusting the snow from his boots, having returned from a month in Antarctica only last week, recounted his 50 years of experiences associated with his missions to the ice cap.Dr Dudeney gave a personal perspective, based on 50 years of experience, on the parallels between the isolation and consequent challenges of living in Antarctica with those that will be faced by astronauts on long duration space missions, and reviewed some recent studies on the effects of isolation on human performance.

    Building Mars Landers with Jerry Stone Dr Helen Mason talks about radiation, the Sun and spectra Dr Vincent Giampietro  Neuroscience and Space travel
  • Onze eigen botten

    we hebben met de klas per groepje een bot gemaakt van papier, karton en plakband. Als dat klaar is gingen we het testen met rekenboek van ongeveer
    250 gram per rekenboek. Bij twee groepjes is het gelukt om 21 rekenboeken op de zelfgemaakte botten. we hadden daarvoor filmpjes gekeken over hoe
    een bot in elkaar zit en wat elk stukje doet.


  • St Mary's Red Supergiants get fit

    We got into our teams and raced around an agility course. We were trying to improve our speed and accuracy in completing the course. We had three goes each and tried to encourage each other by cheering our teams on. We found that we really had to concentrate to make sure we didn't miss an obstacle and get a time penalty. Turning quickly without losing speed was the most challenging thing! Most of us found our times improved.

  • Jump down!


    AstroESAQ - Missão X 2017 - Regresso à Estação Base 1

    Com esta atividade foi possível melhorar a capacidade de percorrer uma
    determinada distância ....... caminhando ou a correr ..... no belo jardim da nossa escola!

    AstroESAQ - Missão X 2017 - Regresso à Estação Base 2 AstroESAQ - Missão X 2017 - Regresso à Estação Base 3 AstroESAQ - Missão X 2017 - Regresso à Estação Base 4
  • 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini,

    Performing throwing and cathing technics on one foot to improove balance and spatial awareness from the students of the 5th and 6th grade. We had fun and at the same time realized the difficulty of the activity and how we could improve.

  • 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini,

    Truying to improve agility coordination and speed.

  • 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini,

    Jumping with a rope both while stationary and moving.

  • The Pathfinders - Merkur

    Logbucheintrag: 39 Sternzeit: 21. März 2017
    φ 46.6664 λ 14.2274
    Mrs commander SPIRIT:
    Merkur, Planet der Extreme war im Mittelpunkt eines Berichtes der Crewmitglieder. Der schnellste, aber auch der kleinste der Planeten, der, der keine Atmosphäre hat und der, der die größten Temperaturunterschiede aufweist.

  • 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini,

    The 5th and 6th grade of the 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini a small town which is situated in the norteastern part of Greece are training like an astronaut. This was our first physicall activity and we enjoyed it very much.


    Bei frühlingshaften Temperaturen machten wir uns heute mit U-Bahn und Bus auf zum Motorikpark.
    Dort machten wir fast alle Stationen dreimal durch.
    Unnd heute zeigten sich wirklich alle sehr motiviert und mit viel Teamgeist ausgestattet schafften wir das ganz locker.
    Dann gab es einmal eine nichht ganz gesunde Stärkung. Der Lieferdienst brachte uns Pizza.
    Aber das gehört auch mal dazu.
    Doch Süßigkeiten hatten wir niicht mit, sondern nurr Obst und Gemüse und Nüsse.
    Nach dieser Mahlzeit schafften wir nochmals zwei Stunden bevor wir wieder die Heimreise antraten.
    Das war echt ei cooler Tag.
    Danke MISSION X !!!!!


    NA das war ein Höllenlärm als wir den Burger und die Portion Pommes Frittes mit dem Pürierstab zerkleinert haben .
    Eigentlich wollten die Kinder das tolle Menü essen, aber nachdem sie es später als Brei sahen und so einen komischen Geruch dabei feststellten, waren sie sehr froh, dieses Gericht doch ausgelassen zu haben. Auch die Fettsschicht die sich darauf bildete , fand nicht so großen Gefallen.
    Wir haben viel über versteckte Fette gesprochen und wissen jetzt, dass wir besser selber kochen oder , wenn schon Fertiggerichte, dann die Zutaten genau durchlesen werden.

  • Temps de réaction !

    Aujourd'hui , nous avons testé notre temps de réaction et compris que pour pouvoir travailler dans l'ISS , il faut s'entrainer pour diminuer son temps de réaction afin de faire face à des situations imprévues ! Les élèves ont adoré cette activité ludique. Et dans l'après-midi , nous avions une conférence en live avec Thomas Pesquet ... Une journée dans les étoiles en quelques sorte !

  • Tiger Titans prepare for Bataan march

    Tigers from Battle Ground are preparing for a 14-mile march by increasing walking each week; progressing from simple 1-mile per day to tracking each step, every day a part of a weekly log used to monitor health and fitness.

  • Missie X tijdens gym

    Vandaag hebben de kinderen van groep 7b van de Bloemcampschool in Wassenaar ruimte oefeningen gedaan tijdens gym wat astronauten doen als ze de ruimte in gaan. Vorige week gingen ze naar Estec van ESA daar was André Kuipers en had hij vertelt over zijn ruimte reis en hoe ze trainden. De kinderen hebben deze oefeningen gedaan zoals: Maak een ruimtewandeling, Peake liftoff,opbouwen van een astronauten Kern en vreemde plaant, vreemde zwaartekracht. Dit was heel leuk. Nadat alle kinderen alle opdrachten hadden gedaan, waren ze kapot!
    Groetjes, Jim Patreng, 7b

  • Warrior Day

    Cadets worked hard toting sand bags, running obstacle courses, and practicing buddy carries, all up and down hills as part of warrior day team-building challenge.

  • Botten bouwen

    Na een introductie over een workout in het ISS door Chris Hadfield en een instructie over de opbouw en werking van botten, zijn we aan de slag gegaan met het bouwen van een eigen botmodel. Allerlei papier en karton mocht gebruikt worden, morgen gaan we de modellen testen op hun sterkte.

  • Schaffen wir 4 Missionen hintereinander?

    Das war die Frage! Ja, wir schaffen das - im Team gelingt alles, da hilft jeder gern dem anderen!
    Train like the Astronauts!

  • Astrogym

    We hebben geplankt en gecrunch. We hebben ook gelopen als een beer en een krab. We hebben ook burbies gedaan. Ook hebben we met gewichten gesprongen. We hebben als laatste aan een klimrek gehangen.


  • Astro 3-21 gestalten eigene Raketen und klettern hoch hinaus

    Letzte Woche haben unsere Kinder nach eigenen Vorstellungen Raketen und Raumschiffe im Werkunterricht gestaltet.
    Im Anschluss haben wir im Turnunterricht Kletterstationen aufgebaut, da die Kinder hoch hinaus wollten. Zur Einführung gab es eine Weltraumgeschichte, die in der Klettereinheit danach nachgespielt wurde. Abgeschlossen wurde mit einer Phantasiereise (Wir reisen zurück zur Erde).

  • 17th Primary School Of Agrinio.

    We used the Google Earth free software to learn about the mission Apollo 11. The man on the moon.

  • Explora y descubre - Explore And Discover

    El equipo Centauros busca hacerse mas fuerte al hacer actividades aeróbicas y anaeróbicas. Cuando realizas el ejercicio aeróbico, el cuerpo usa oxigeno para producir la energía necesaria y cuando realizas ejercicio anaeróbico, la energía se produce sin producir oxigeno.

  • Desarrollar un núcleo muscular de astronauta - Building An Astronaut Core

    El equipo Jaguares realizó abdominales para mejorar la fuerza muscular en el abdomen y la espalda.

  • Desarrollar un núcleo muscular de astronauta - Building An Astronaut Core

    El equipo Jaguares realizó abdominales para mejorar la fuerza muscular en el abdomen y la espalda.

  • Regreso a pie a la estación base - Base Station Walkback

    Los estudiantes tomaron su frecuencia cardíaca en reposo y luego realizaron ejercicios de estiramiento para iniciar la misión y mejorar la resistencia de los pulmones, corazón y músculos. Fue muy divertido y resistieron durante un largo periodo de tiempo la caminata de 400 m para completar 1600 m (1 milla)

  • Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch!

    Acrobatics is the performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility and motor coordination. To play with body balance and gravity is a particular challenge for pupils and makes lot of fun. Many acrobatic techniques demand great skill and good agility. Therefore it´s necessary to warm up and stretch before.

    In the microgravity environment of the ISS astronauts can perform spectacular somersaults. Here on Earth things behave differently, but our MskSpaceTravellers showed courage and dexterity for acrobatic exercises. The experience of microgravity in the vertical cloth was a lovely adventure for our astronauts.

    More information: www.mskspacetravellers.com


    Are we getting crazy? No Amit really came today in her special suit from Nasa!
    No wonder because her aunt is working there.


    Also Amit had a wonderful speech about space and foreign galaxies.
    Everbody was listening very interested and they learned a lot.
    Amit had also prepared some worksheets to fnid out how much information she had given her classmates.

  • snoopies crew an unbeatable team!

    Two layers of too big gloves to different puzzles, two teams - team pink and team yellow - were trying to set the puzzle pieces together as fast and as clever with its hands communicating the steps they were doing in high concentration.
    You could hear a needle fall!

  • snoopies crew an unbeatable team!

    Two layers of too big gloves to different puzzles, two teams - team pink and team yellow - were trying to set the puzzle pieces together as fast and as clever with its hands communicating the steps they were doing in high concentration.
    You could hear a needle fall!

  • snoopies crew inspired in space creativity

    Cruising through all theses planets, stars and foreign galaxies we started to create our own snoopies space in different colours with satellites, space ships, and new discoveries of planets or extraterrestrial passengers.
    All in all speaking about our "own galaxy" expanded our mind incredible.
    It let us see how special each of us on planet earth is, so different in mind but still with both feet on the same living planet.
    We only have that one, so we do have to care about it!

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