All aboard! The Water Train is leaving... Hydration Station!

Hydration Station

We learned that water is the largest single component of the human body, and amazingly, our bodies are composed of 50–70% water. We understand now that drinking plenty of fluids keeps our bodies hydrated and healthy. Water helps to keep our body in top condition by giving nutrients to our cells, muscles, joints, brain, skin, kidneys, and lungs. Water also regulates our body temperature and helps our hearts function properly.

Just as on Earth, astronauts in space must also maintain proper hydration levels. As they complete tasks on their exploration missions, whether inside or outside the spacecraft, they also need to drink plenty of fluids in order to remain hydrated and maintain their optimal health.

We identified our own hydration levels by creating and analysing simulated urine made of water a food colouring, we researched hydration and create a visual web about hydration and the human body, we played the Hydrate the Astronaut game, and we completed a 12 hour log in which we recorded data about our urine and hydration levels.

The Italian Space Cadets always have a full bottle of water with them, especially if they are doing challenging phyiscal activities.
Go Mission X Italy!
Forza Paolo Nespoli!

Hydrate the astronaut game
Making simulated urine samples
Tommaso, Giorgio, Nicolo', Elisa and Federico and their simulated urine samples
Scientists Carlo, Vittorio, Alice and Paula and their simulated urine samples
Scientists Sara, Agata, Adrian and Laraib and their simulated urine samples
Scientists Giulia, Alberto, Leonardo and Elena and their simulated urine samples
Scientists Marie, Nicco, Samuele and Luca and their simulated urine samples