Atoms, molecules...and odors/taste in Space :-)

Taste in Space

In good Montessorians we learned about atoms, mole and atomic/molar mass calculation and the notion of Big Bang (Montessori black ribbon and humility lesson very soon for visualizing time since Big-Bang and Earth’s birth).

We also learn about molecules and combinaison of molecules on Earth and in Space...And we did a sensory activity to recognize the smells on Earth (soil), our moon (burnt smell), Mars (rotten egg), I.S.S. (sweating), Milky Way (raspberry and rum) etc. One combinaison of 50 molecules in Space made our galaxy smell raspberry and taste rum...(dont’ worry it was imitation rum extract for pastries and kids don’t taste this flavour ;-)
We also made a memory game cards about molecules.

See you soon. Please Canadian teams share your photos and activities :-)

Victoria K.
“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” (Chinese thought)