Base station walkback... What a long walk!

Base Station Walkback

Hi aspiring astronauts,

In the gym we simulated an adventure with the rover on Mars and imagined that our rover broke down. Oh no! As it would take an inifinite amount of time for a mechanic to come(!), we had to walk all the way back to our base station before our oxygen ran out.

As the activity was about endurance, completing an activity over a long distance, we jogged around the gym for long periods of time. Then we did an activity in which we needed to sprint like Usain Bolt! We sprinted the length of the gym and then walked back. We repeated this many times. Wow, we are really getting fit!

We are ambitious future astronauts!
See you in space!
The Italian Space Cadets

Bloggers: Laraib, Agata and Marie

We are so fast that the photos are blurry!
Sprinting and walking back to our base station.
Walking and back before our oxygen runs out!