Bones. Make those skeletons shake!

Living Bones, Strong Bones

We learned that people need strong bones so we can complete all the physical challenges placed on our bodies while on Earth and in space. Now we have been training like astronauts for a while, we know that the longer astronauts are in space, the weaker their bones become due to a lack of gravitational force. It is important for astronauts (and us earthlings) train before, during, and after their flight in space to maintain strong bones all their lives. A diet including calcium and Vitamin D also helps astronauts maintain strong bones.

After discussing what we already know and what we want to know, we watched some videos about bones and took notes. The we made some observations of chicken bones externally and internally. We drew diagrams and then... we created our very own bone models!

After various attempts we made a bone model which weighed 9 grams using inderx cards and tape. We then loaded it with text books and when they ran out, we used dictionaries! Our bone model was almost able to hold an incredible 9.5 kilograms! AMAZING! We screamed and shouted with excitment!

Scientists at work observing bones!
Scientists at work observing bones!
Engineers making bones!
Hard at work making a bone model
Testing the bone model... AWESOME!!