Crew Strength Training! What a workout!

Crew Strength Training

Nothing can stop those determined Italian Space Cadets!

The temperature in Trento, Italy is dropping. There is snow on the surrounding mountains, but the sweat and strength of the Cadets is unstoppable and the heat in the school gym is going up!

The Cadets did many body weight squats, push ups and played tug-o-war to build up their upper and lower body strength. They learned about repetitions, what a crew is and about microgravity's negative impact on muscle tone.

Giorgio, Paula and Vittorio were so exceptionally strong they even had a competition with the teacher! All three were the winners, the teacher wasn't as strong as them!

Keep up the great work! Paolo Nespoli must be very proud of you all!
Go Mission X Italy! Go the Italian Space Cadet!

The Italian Space Cadets ready for action!
Body weight squats!
Push up's! Oh yeah!
tug-o-war! Who is stronger?