Dizziness Experiment!


Along with the Space Rock 'n Roll activity, the Italian Space Cadets have been hard at work... getting dizzy!!

Astronauts can feel quite dizzy when they first arrive on the ISS. Its because their bodies need 24 to 48 hours to find new ways to control itself and adapt to life in a micro gravity environment.

The outstanding ESA astronaut Tim Peake did a great dizziness experiment up in the ISS. With the help of a fellow astronaut, he did an infinite amount of super fast sommersaults and got dizzy to test how long it takes to recover from dizziness in Space. He recovered really fast!

So, what did the Italian Space Cadets do... they did the experiment too...but here on Earth!

Following the steps of Scientific Method, they asked they same questions as Tim Peake 'Can I make myself dizzy? How quickly can I recover? Does it make me feel unwell?'

They made a hypothesis, tested with an experiment which consisted of doing sommersaults and super fast spins and then they were timed to see how long it took them to recover. Their sommersaults weren't as fast as Astro Tim's and they took much more time to recover.

Dizzy fun, all in the name of Science!

Go Mission X Italy! Go the Italian Space Cadets!