Dress (and Train) like an Astronaut.

VSSEC staff have taken boots and backpacks out to schools to add to the fun of the Astronaut Agility activity and the Discover/Explore activity. The equipment was taken from our Mission to Mars program. The boots are a bit too big for primary school students but they had great fun running in them. (They are worn over normal shoes.) We took the computers and batteries out of the astronaut backpacks so that students could use them to carry rocks. Mission controllers had a list of rocks for collection which they had to communicate to the astronauts. The communication method chosen was mostly yelling! One creative group arranged a system of hand signals which worked very well.
Students recorded their heart rates before and after the exercise. For some this was the first time they had ever felt their pulse.

Students putting on astronaut overboots.
Running around the cones while wearing boots.
Another student in boots
Students walk off to explore and collect rocks.
A student counts her heart beats while another student is timing her.
A list of rock samples to be found.
Students record their data in their Mission Logs