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    bear crawl

    The 6th mission was completed. The little Happynauts performed the “bear crawl” and “crab walk” to increase muscular
    strength and improved upper and lower body coordination. The students repeated these activities many times.
    We are ready for the next mission!!!

    crab walk crab walk
  • 17 Primary school of Agrinio

    This week our team managed to complete an agility astro course quickly and as accurately as possible.Students completed the Astro-Course lying down on the ground at the starting point and when time started they jumped to their feet and ran. After that and before completing the Astro-Course they did jumping jacks for 30 seconds.
    Then in pairs , using a bandana , students tied their and their partner's legs at the ankle and tried to complete the course together.
    They stood on one leg and waved their arms and they also tried to keep their balance.
    They participated in sack races with the winner being the student who ran a measured distance in less time.
    Finally , they played badminton and soccer.


    We tried to make some exercises in order to improve our balance and our physical health!


    We performed the space roll and roll. We did great job trying to balance our steps in our school garden. Then, we discussed all together about how difficult it was for us to cope up with this activity!

  • The small astronauts of the 9th elementary school of Levadia

    The small astronauts of the 9th elementary scool of Levadia started their training with strengthening their upper and lower bones and muscles.They did 15-20 squots and improved their stamina. Next,they did proper push-ups which was a remarkable task since they managed to do them properly from the first moment. After 25 repetitions the crew boosted their spirit and body and they are ready for their next mission!

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