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  • 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini, Greece - Space explorers in action!

    Explore and Discover

    Space Explorers in action: exploring and discovering!
    We will safely carried weighted objects from the Exploration Area back to our Base Station to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness. We bend our knees to lower ourself. As we lifted an object, we keept our back straight and used our legs to stand up straight. As the Mission Samples got heavier the Mission got more difficult especially when we used our schoolbags!
    Take a look:

    Explore and Discover Explore and Discover
  • 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini, Greece - Space explorers in action!

    Get on Your Space Cycle!

    We watched the movie "Gravity" and discussed how important physical exercise is for astronauts living on the International Space Station (ISS) because muscle and bone carry less load in weightlessness and get weaker. Some of the Space explorers come to from home to school and back everyday and have observed improovemnt in their cycle training but all of them love to cycle in their free time so we set some Mission Explorations for the weekend. Finally we discussed the importance of safety when cycling.
    Take a look :)

    Get on Your Space Cycle!
  • Primary school of Isthmia

    Finally we put on our spacesuits, entered the spaceship and travelled around our solar system, getting to know all the planets.

  • Mission X: Speed of Light

    A quick reaction is sometimes life-saving. The mission "speed of light" is to train to react more quickly on the eye-hand reaction time. Our team enjoyed this training a lot! Mission completed!!!

  • Explore and Discover Primary School of Eleochori

    The learners safely transferred an object with weight from the exploration area back to their base to
    refine their aerobic and anaerobic physical condition. The way they lifted the object and their posture played an
    important role in equalizing their weight so as to lift their school backpack full of books.