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Greece News

  • crew strength

    After a wonderful train out, pupils are capable of understanding the importance of strength training. We performed differnt types of strength exercises and at the end we played tug of war!

  • Ellinogermaniki Agogi

    Jump for the moon
    This lesson was really fun. We performed jump training with our team. We discussed about the importance of increasing bone strength and muscle endurance.

  • Ellinogermaniki Agogi

    drawing different types of food

    Energy of an astronaut
    The children were enthusiastic by the information they got. They learned how to identify healthy food choices. They also learned the importance of keeping our body at a healthy weight. We drew different types of food on paper and we made a food pyramid!

  • Astro Agility Course

    Arsakeio Patras Dhm on MissionX

    This week’s challenge was the Astro -Agility Course!
    We managed to complete the course quickly and successfully.
    Our space cadets enjoyed the mission and did a great job…..

    Arsakeio Patras Dhm on MissionX Arsakeio Patras Dhm on MissionX Arsakeio Patras Dhm on MissionX

    Hello from Rainbow Team!
    To become an astronaut requires quickness, strength, good balance, coordination and a very good physical condition. Every child likes to ride a bike or a skateboard, to play videogames, to do roller blade, or to play any type of sports. It is necessary those activities to maintain a good agility. This physical activity was fun, easy and very restorative.