If you are interested in joining Mission X in Greece or joining Team Greece, please email the Country Lead.

Greece News

  • Peake Liftoff

    We study very much the video with the instructions of this mission...!
    And as you see in other posts too we are doing a lot of training...!!!
    We are ready for our biggest MissionX..!!! Peake Liftoff!

  • Delasalle Spacelines welcomes you on board!

    Students of B1 class of primary school of Athens Delasalle, finished sucessfully their first mission: running 13 & 22,6 m.
    We improved our lung, heart and other muscle endurance and we are full of energy for the next missions...
    Hope you enjoy our video!


    We climbed a huge mountain which is located in Mars!!!We were very careful and we tried to perform our task with coordination!

  • Training

    We do a lot of exrcises this week cause we level up and we have a difficult mission... Here is a part of our training..!!!

  • Xatzivei School

    Agility astro course

    This week the Happynauts managed to complete an agility astro course quickly and as accurately as possible.Students completed the Astro-Course lying down on the ground at the starting point and when time started they jumped to their feet and ran. The activity was great fun! We are ready for the next mission!

    Agility astro course