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Greece News

  • The small astronauts of the 9th elementary school of Levadia - IS THERE LIFE OUT THERE...???

    The small astronauts of the 9th elementary school of Levadia gathered in the computer room and looked for information about our solar system. They were divided in teams and gathered ifo -such as which planet is closer to Earth and which is further away, what’s the distance between them, etc- and then proceeded to the creation of planets as they imagined them. They used colorful plasticines and in the end, each team made their own U.F.O.s (from paper plates) and gave answer to the question of life existence out there…

  • The small astronauts of the 9th elementary school of Levadia- Do a Spacewalk

    This week our young astronauts did the “bear crawl” and “crab walk”. The goal was to strengthen their muscles and improve the coordination of their upper and lower body parts.

  • The small astronauts of the 9th elementary school of Levadia- Crew Assembly

    This mission’s purpose was to do a puzzle (50 pieces) fast and correct so that the children would understand the importance of hand-eye coordination as well as practicing their communication and problem solving skills.
    Our young astronauts – divided in teams –succeeded in doing the puzzle really fast. There was a team spirit and the gloves weren’t a problem for the completion of the puzzle. Each team managed to cut down the time significantly when they tried to do the puzzle for a second time (they found it easier)…In the end, all the teams compared their times and their next challenge was to do a puzzle of 100 pieces! Finally all crew members improved their skills and their hand-eye coordination by achieving a fast and easy object assembling.

  • A Very Space-y Birthday

    Remember when Nasa astronauts held a pizza party on the International Space Station ? It looked like a lot of fun... It was a historic event in space, because the International Space Station has hosted it's first ever pizza party! And all this fun. thanks to the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli. Since space history is written even by... amazing parties, we had our own special space party,celebrating our teacher's birthday, making fun space decorations and a delicious astro-cake !

  • A different kind of football...

    Μany sports relate to astronaut training? On the surface, preparing to play a game of football may not seem similar to astronaut preparations in that the sport of football is very fast-paced with high amounts of bodily contact. However, if we look a bit deeper into both, we can find some similarities. Playing sports requires teamwork and preparation. Teammates must work together. In space, astronauts also must react to new situations as a team. Their teamwork is imperative to the success of a mission, and often such teamwork ensures the safety of the crew. In space, astronauts float and have very small loads on their bodies. Their bodies would lose a significant amount of muscle and bone, so astronauts exercise on the International Space Station (ISS) for about two hours per day. It is crucial to their health to exercise with heavy loads, just as football players must lift weights After a game, athletes have tired muscles and must take care to let their bodies recover.