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Greece News

  • Circuit Training 1 Primary School of Eleochori

    Within the circuit training 1 students performed 4 activities from the first level with great accuracy and speed,
    maintaining the proper form. Everyone was excited and happy. Drive the mouse onto the pictures to find out the super activities!!!

  • 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini, Greece - Space explorers in action!

    Space Explorers in action

    Greetings from the Space Explorers of the 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini, Greece!
    MISSION ASSIGNMENT: Full Body Training
    Our little Space Explorers selected 7 activities for making sure to address all areas of the body . They did this stations as quickly as possible and tryed to maintain proper form. They totally enjoyed it! You could see it in their smiling faces especially when they yelled "Liftoff".
    take a look:
    MISSION X TRAINING LIKE AN ASTRONAUT was an amazing experience. We absolutely loved it!
    Sharing with you our experience and learning from all these graet teams from all around the world made us very Happy :) <3

    Space Explorers in action Space Explorers in action Space Explorers
  • Mission X: Taste in Space

    After creating their own Food Pyramid and understanding the importance of a balanced diet in the astronaut's daily life, the young astronauts prepared fruit salad in the classroom. The children enjoyed the process of preparation very much.Finally, they came to the conclusion that everybody even if we are not an astronaut, should have a healthy and balanced diet.

  • Mission X: Crew Assembly

    This mission’s purpose was to do a puzzle of 50 pieces fast and correct. Our young astronauts succeeded in doing the puzzle really fast. The gloves weren’t a problem for the completion of the puzzle. Each team managed to cut down the time significantly when they tried to do the puzzle for a second time. Their next challenge was to do a puzzle of 100 pieces! Finally all crew members improved their skills and their hand-eye coordination by achieving a fast and easy object assembling.

  • 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini, Greece - Space explorers in action!

    Space Explorers

    Space Explorers reached Level 3 and are so HAPPY about it!!!
    We did CT1 a PEAKE LIFTOFF!
    It was a full Body Training and at the same time so fun... it blends
    together squats, pushups, and jumping in the air.
    We absolutely enjoyed it!!!
    We are ready for LIFTOFF
    Take a look

    Space Explorers Space Explorers Space Explorers