If you are interested in joining Mission X in Greece or joining Team Greece, please email the Country Lead.

Greece News

  • Welcome note for MissionX

    The pupils of Kapandriti Primary School in Athens, Greece, are excited to participate in MissionX. We are embarking on a thrilling journey as members of the space crew, by carrying out experiments and doing activities related to space and MissionX. Our crew's name is Gaia. Gaia plays a great role in Greek mythology, since her coming together with Uranus created the Titans, the Giants and the Ocean. So space originates from her. Although we have our feet on Gaia, which also means Earth, we aspire for the stars and the universe in an effort to explore it. We are sure that it is going to be a wonderful journey and an exploration to remember.... So... All aboard Missionx.

  • Greetings from Greece!

    Friday, January 29

    Participating in Mission X for the very first time, we would like to share our enthusiasm and wish a happy and and adventurous new year to all our fellow astronauts from all over the world. May we reach the Moon stronger, wiser and more inspired to keep learning!

    Third-class Students of Arsakeio Primary School in Patras create a picture of their own ideal spaceship and are ready to take off... to infinity and beyond!

  • Photos from our space activities (VELOS Team)

  • Agility Astro-Course by VELOS

    Following the spacewalk activity further muscular coordination was persued through the agility Astro-Course, where the team members improved their skills by adding to their physical exercises activities that would help them move quickly easily and safely through obstacles.
    This was a tricky one but still very amusing!!
    They are now aware of the importance of agility not only in space but also in their every day activities, such as walking up and down the stairs e.t.c.