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Greece News

  • outside the atmosphere

    The team " outside the atmosphere" includes 37 pupils under the superusion of the teacher of physical Education, Mis Vasso Christopoulou. Teamwork is very important to the team " outside the atmosphere" as all members contribute to the final outcome.

  • Crew Assembly

    Velos Team students wore their gloves and practiced to handle small objects improving their dexterity and hand-eye coordination working efficiently as a team.

  • VELOS Base Station Walk -Back

    Our team's next base station was set and the team members performed physical activities (such as progressing to 1600m) aiming at the improvement of their lung, heart and muscle endurance. They are now ready to explore the Moon or Mars even if they have to give up their go-cart-like vehicle in case it breaks down and they have to perform a walk-back in order to return to their base station.
    Moreover, they learned how to avoid obstucles and hazards, uneven surfaces and how to avoid dehydration.

  • CREW STRENGTH TRAINING in 25th Primary School of Acharnae

    Exploration activities and discovery missions in space require strong muscles and bones, especially due to the reduced gravity environment in spaceships. Therefore, strength training is mandatory for astronauts and consequently for our students who are “learner astronauts”. As such, they learned that in order to safely strength train in space they have to practice proper strength training on Earth. Part of their strength training were exercises that strengthen their upper and lower body muscles and bones, such as body-weight squats and push-ups. In groups the members of “VELOS” performed 10-25 repetitions of each of the above exercises with determination and enthusiasm!

  • In 25th Primary School of Acharnae the spacewalking started from 2013.

    The School Principal , Athina Primikiri (GREECE Country Lead MX 2015) with both astronauts Chris Hadfield and Luca Parmitano started the Space dream in School.