If you are interested in joining Mission X in Greece or joining Team Greece, please email the Country Lead.

Greece News

  • 25th Primary School of Acharnae, Attica, Greece

    MISSION X: VELOS, Control!

    Our next mission was the development of balance and spatial awareness.
    We are glad to report that our mission was successful and our students had no difficulty in balancing while throwing and catching the tennis ball standing on one foot! They also found it very enjoying!

    Ready for our next mission!

  • "Speed of Light" with students of 25th Public School of Acharnae

    MISSION X – a great start for Greece

    A number of 5 Schools and a total of 544 students are currently participating in the Greek team.

    25th Public Primary School of Acharnae, Attica, has already started to give points to Charlie.
    Our name is “ VELOS”, which means “arrow” and we are certainly planning to hit our targets!

    Full of enthusiasm our students began to try out “The Speed of Light” astronaut training activity. They practiced their hand-eye reaction time and gradually, after numerous trials achieved to improve their concentration, their hand-eye coordination and increase their reaction time, as was shown by the recorded measurements.
    Way to go VELOS!!!!

  • The Message of ESA

    The Message of ESA

    From the depths of the Universe
    to the beauty of planet Earth
    Space can inspire education
    and this is our mission.
    Education is the key to our future
    Use Space to learn
    Take the opportunity
    Get inspired
    Get involved
    Get motivated
    Get interested
    Imagine! Observe! Think! Ask! Have fun!
    Cultivate your talent
    Express your potential
    Expand your horizon
    Share your ideas with others
    and learn to work together.
    There is a potential scientist
    or engineer in each young mind
    Bring it out through the
    ESA Education Programme
    Europe’s future is in your hands
    Europe’s future is young.

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