Lift Off at Willow Farm!

Over the last four weeks we have worked on the five main fitness components to try and improve our skills and make a progression in physical fitness.

We have undertaken activities that have been designed for NASA Astronauts who need to improve their fitness before a mission in space.

For the final week we are measuring the progressions we have made by working with a partner to complete various tasks.

The Stations

• Balance – on a thin beam balance for a minute, to also improve coordination this even further can you put five cones on your head one by one and then take them off again

• Traffic Light Shuttles – Go from Blue (Start) to Red, to Yellow, to Green (each a further distance away) as quickly times as possible

• Cube – using hand eye coordination skills bounce a basketball once and try to land it into a cubed box you are 7 yards away

• Rest – stay hydrated and stretch your muscles to prevent injury

• Base Walk – Jog on the spot for as long as possible (maximum three minutes) (to improve endurance)

• Commander Crunch – assume the sit up position, cross arms over chest and raise shoulder of the ground, this works the abdominal muscles

• Space Roll – how many different forward or egg rolls can you complete inside a minute

• Let’s Climb a Martian Mountain – on a bench can you step up and step off as many times as possible

• Agility Runs – complete the agility run as many times as possible using speed