Temple All-Stars,from Temple Primary,Manchester, complete ALL of the MISSION X CHALLENGES - Well Done !!

Temple All-Stars are ecstatic after completing the entire list of Mission X challenges!!
We have all thoroughly enjoyed improving our fitness and learning more about staying healthy, especially the food challenges and the hydration station. We even got to try real astronaut food!
It has also improved our team work and communication skills.
We have enjoyed the project so much; instead of stopping we are going to continue by coming up with our own challenges instead!!!
We have already built rockets, written space poetry and made animations.
Has anybody at other schools got any good ideas for new challenges?
We have also involved a local community football team, Abraham Moss Warriors who have been incorporating some of the fitness challenges into their weekly training sessions.
Thank you everyone at Mission X .
It has been Fantastic.Well done everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!