Temple Allstars close to completing our final mission

This week we have been busy looking at x-rays as well as a skeleton to look at bones .
We also made our own models of bones ,firstly using paper to represent weak bones with lack of calcium and vitamin D, then we used card to show how bones got stronger after a good diet.
Finally we used soil and gravel to fill the inside of the bone to show how muscle helps the leg become stronger.
On each model we placed text books to see how many books each model would hold.
We didn't think they would hold very many ,probably 2 or 3 books but we were wrong !!
Although the model made of paper only held 1 book the model with soil and gravel held 38 books!!! Amazing!!!
We also made posters about what we have learnt about bones that we have displayed at school.

After that we started our final mission Taste in Space.

We looked at why astronauts eat differnt foods in space. Tomorrow we are going to be doing a taste test as well as getting the chance to try some real astronaut food!!we can't wait !!!!!!!!