Watching Chris Cassidy Launch!

On March 28th the after-care students in Sharon Team USA were given a very special treat-we watched US astronaut Chris Cassidy and his Russian crew launch in a Soyuz rocket to the ISS!
It was so exciting to see and hear New England native astronaut Cassidy (along with his crew-mates, Pavel and Alexander) rocket into orbit, we were joined by many of the teachers and after-care staff. Since all of the children had recently taken part in Mission X or the junior lead-up activities for the younger grades, it was so exciting to watch them cheer and applaud as the rocket rose into the night sky. Many of the youngsters earlier had made posters to display in school to show their support for the crew, as we declared it "Chris Cassidy Week" at Heights Elementary.
We will watch you orbit overhead in the sky, have a safe and most enjoyable journey!!
Go Mission X!!!!!!!!!!

poster 1
chris screen
Going, going!