WOOSH!! Lightening speed!

Speed of Light

The first experience we did for speed of light was in the classroom and it consisted of holding your ruler with 2 fingers and then dropping and catching it. This exercised improved our hand-eye coordination.

The second exercise we did was tennis activities in the gym. We all had a tennis racket and in pairs we hit the ball to each other trying to improve our hand-eye coordination. This was easier said than done, lets just say the tennis balls in the gym looked like comets and asteroids wizzing through the solar system, they were flying everywhere! We must do this activity again to improve!

The third and last activity we did to improve hand-eye coordination was play baseball. We divided the class in to two teams and we played! There was the pitcher, the fielders, and a batting team. After hitting the ball, the batter needed to run as fast as he could to touch the base. This activity definitely helped improve our hand-eye coordination, speed and precision.

So, let's go play tennis and baseball in space! Who want to start a tournament with us!

Go The Italian Space Cadets!
Go Mission X Italy!

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Tennis balls flying around like comets! Watch out!
Hand-eye coordination in the classroom
Hand-eye coordination in the classroom