Zprávy Mise X

  • Pequeños y curiosos en la misión de Hidratación

    Hidratando al astronauta

    De las misiones esta ha sido hasta ahora la mas agradable para los niños y niñas del equipo. Los niños y niñas astronautas identificaron las partes del cuerpo que requieren niveles de hidratación, comprendieron como el agua regula nuestra temperatura corporal y la importancia de esta en la vida en el espacio. Estamos en la tarea de hacer que estos niños y niñas adquieran el habito de consumir agua y dejen de lado los refrescos en pro de tener desde esta edad un buen estado de salud.
    Se realizo con pequeños y Curiosos el juego de hidratar a astronauta, con el pudimos comprobar la comprensión que tienen de las diferentes partes de la anatomía y su relación con el agua.
    Aprendemos las partes del cuerpo humano en ingles y enriquecemos el glosario de términos de Misión X .

    Tripulación Pequeños y Curiosos Colombia
  • Ensamblaje por Pequeños y Curiosos Colombia ,Bogota

    Tripulación "Pequeños y Curiosos"

    Nuestro equipo esta conformado por niños y niñas entre los 4 5 y 6 años, con ellos realizaremos las difrentes misiones con sus respectivas adaptaciones.
    Ellos son los futuros viajeros del espacio, a continuación su primera misión.

    Tripulación "Pequeños y Curiosos"
  • Astro Agility Course

    This week our team managed to complete an agility astro course quickly and as accurately as possible.Students completed the Astro-Course lying down on the ground at the starting point and when time started they jumped to their feet and ran. After that and before completing the Astro-Course they did jumping jacks for 20 seconds and finally they had to go through hoops. Then in pairs tied their and their partner's legs at the ankle and tried to complete the course together.They stood on one leg and waved their arms and they also tried to keep their balance.They participated in sack races with the winner being the student who ran a measured distance in less time. The activity was great fun and the kids enjoyed...

  • Speed of Light

    A quick reaction is sometimes life-saving. The mission "speed of light" is to train to react more quickly on the eye-hand reaction time. We liked this mission because it was fun and educational at the same time because we used a rule that we had to let go at a precise height so that our comrade could catch up. Through targeted exercises, one can also increase the hand-eye response time. Our crew has enjoyed this training a lot! Mission completed!!!

  • Food Pyramid and "Food Rainbow"

    We started with the english teacher by talking about healthy and unhealthy food. What should we eat more often?The children were really excited when we started finding and cutting pictures of each food from magazines to make our own "Food Rainbow" based on the food Pyramid. After our Food Rainbow we spoke about the kinds of food that the astronauts eat and how they differ from ours. It was really interesting and exciting for the young students!!!

  • Food Pyramid and "Food Rainbow"

    We started with the english teacher by talking about healthy and unhealthy food. What should we eat more often?The children were really excited when we started finding and cutting pictures of each food from magazines to make our own "Food Rainbow" based on the food Pyramid. After our Food Rainbow we spoke about the kinds of food that the astronauts eat and how they differ from ours. It was really interesting and exciting for the young students!!!

  • De la jungle à l'Espace : Une bonne coordination - From rain forest to space conquest: coordination - ¡Qué rápida va esta regla!

    Team A

     Why this ruler fall down so fast? » seem asking the team. But they are issued from a hunter nation, so they have good reflexes. And when you usually travell in wild country, you must be coordinated if you want to survive. And space is also a wild country.
    « Elle va vite cette règle ! ». Mais les élèves sont issus d'une nation de chasseurs, alors ils possèdent des réflexes ! Et lorsque vous vous déplacez en pleine jungle, il vaut mieux avoir de bons réflexes si vous voulez survivre... Et l'Espace n'est-il pas également une zone d'aventures mais dangereuse ?
    ¡Qué rápida va esta regla! ¡Pero los alumnos, cazadores desde siempre, tienen reflejos! En el bosque, mejor tener reflejos buenos si se quiere sobrevivir... ¿Igual, el Espacio no sería una zona de aventuras llena de peligros?

    Team A2 Team B Team B2
  • The Pathfinders - Die Maus im All...

    Logbucheintrag: 31 Sternzeit: 9. März 2017
    φ 46.6664 λ 14.2274
    Mrs commander SPIRIT:
    Von unserer Begegnung mit einer Maus im All wird heute berichtet!

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  • Auf zur NMS nach Mattersburg

    Puh, diese Woche Bauch-, Oberschenkel-, Biszepsmuskelkater!!! So viele Liegestütz und Kniebeugen! Zum Ausgleich klettert die Besatzung so hoch wie auf einen Berg am Mond! Also auf in die NMS - natürlich zu Fuß! Klettertraining mit Begleitung der NMS-Guides (die Lehrerinnen haben einen exklusiven Parcours vorbereitet - perfekt für Astronauten) - da war Mut, Konzentration und auch Geschicklichkeit gefordert!
    Abschlussspiel: Perseidenschauer abwehren - super lustig, sehr anstrengend - wird unbedingt wiederholt!

  • Frühstücke dich fit


    Statt des üblichen Brötchenfrühstücks am Zeugnistag, gab es bei uns ein gesundes Frühstück, welches wir selbst zubereitet haben. Obstspieße, Vollkornbrotmonde, Radieschenmäuse und vieles mehr.

    Guten Appetit
  • Velocidade da Luz - The Speed of Light

    Hi!!! Images of the activity The Speed of Light!!!
    Olá!!! Imagens da atividade Velocidade da Luz!!!

  • Estação Hidratação (Parte 1) - HYDRATION STATION (part 1)

    Olá!!! Imagens da realização da primeira parte da atividade Estação Hidratação...
    Hi!!! Images of the first part of the activity HYDRATION STATION.

  • Mission X activities at "Nave do Conhecimento" located in the city of Rio de janeiro

    Olá!!! Novas atividades do projeto Missão X na Nave do Conhecimento de Triagem na cidade do Rio de Janeiro!!! Um grande sucesso!!! Cada estudante recebeu um notebook exclusivo para produzir o seu diário da Missão!!!
    Hi!!! New activities of Mission X at "Nave do Conhecimento" located in the city of Rio de Janeiro... A great sucess!!! Each student won a notebook to produce his or her Mission Diary.



    See video

    Our astronauts accomplished another mission! They performed throwing and catching techniques and all this on one foot! In this way, they improved their balance and their spatial awareness. During the activity, they seemed to be really focused on the task and to enjoy themselves at the same time.



    Com uma mistura desafios ficamos SUPER ÁGEIS!:)

    See video


    Uma forma divertida de saltar.

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  • Tiger Team Crunch

    Cadets link arms to perform crunches as a team

    Cadets work together as flights (small groups) and do a ring-crunch by linking arms, then coordinating the movement 'up' to a full crunch...objective is to do as many as a group in a minute.

  • Tiger Core

    Yoga Flow for Core Strength

    Cadets use yoga flow as part of the warm-up for physical training; the yoga exercises help to establish strong core muscles and help with balance and agility.

  • Battle Buddies

    Agility and Strength in the tire flip

    Cadets from AFJROTC WA-952 participated in a 2-hour 'warrior day' exercise at the University of Portland where they worked through agility, speed and strength in an attempt to out score the university cadets...mud, sweat, and tears; and a lot of smiles as they knocked out at least 10,000 steps each on the course!

  • Mission X Rules

    in action

    Today we took part in Planet You Go, Gravity You Find. We predicted that our arms and legs would tire and that the weight of the ball would be the cause of our arms tiring and the power of the squat would be pain in our legs. We completed the task in relay format and used different weighted objects. The technique was trickier than we thought as we kept letting the ball slips below shoulder height as we jumped. We still enjoyed it though and can feel our fitness improving.

  • 宇宙船高嶺号の船内


  • Weltraumkraft in eurem Körper


    Wir haben echt gespürt wie die Kraft den Körper durchdringt!

  • Lasst uns einen Berg auf dem Mars erklimmen ... cooles Klettertraining!


    Kletterspaß pur! Von Angstüberwindung bis zur Notwendigkeit, sich zurückzuhalten um die eigenen Fähigkeiten nicht zu überschätzen. Als Alternative zum Klettern auf der Sprossenwandrückseite wurde Umklettern der Kletterwand gewählt. Für Etliche eine echte Herausforderung!

    Kletterwand Kletterwand Kletterwand
  • Unser Sonnensystem

    Unser Sonnensystem

    Wir erkunden unser Sonnensystem

  • Du bist was du isst!

    Ernährungspyramide in den Köpfen der Kinder

    Interessant wie die Kinder die Ernährungspyramide zu Beginn interpretiert haben.
    Und: Das "Aha-Erlebnis nach der Richtigstellung" ;)

  • MIL OSSOS :)


    Numa exposição de ciência os alunos observaram ossos e a importância do cálcio no seu crescimento. com luvas de astronautas?
    Numa aula de Físico Química, os alunos verificaram, adaptando a atividade, a dureza de algumas águas da zona de S. Pedro do Sul. Os resultados foram conclusivos!

  • Missão Controlo - Missão X

    Como melhorar o equilíbrio e percepção espacial? A professora de Educação Física, dificultou a tarefa : ) : ) :) :)
    Nesta atividade os alunos tiveram que efetuar 3 tipos de coordenação. E estavam zero graus!

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  • Missão Controlo - Missão X


    Como melhorar o equilíbrio e percepção espacial? A professora de Educação Física, dificultou a tarefa : ) : ) :) :)
    Nesta atividade os alunos tiveram que efetuar 3 tipos de coordenação. E estavam zero graus!

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    Que canseira! Era mais fácil no espaço? 4 turmas desenvolveram algumas atividades nas aulas de educação Física. Vamos fazer desporto!

    See video
  • Snoopie's crew introduces Captain snoopie

    Hello every body!
    I'm Captain Snoopie and I like to introduce myselve:
    I'm a twelve year old retriever-mixture, born in Gattendorf in a barn. Since I was half a year old I figured out that I like to work with children in kindergarden and primary school and my friends in an old peoples home.
    At the moment I join class once a week to see my crew and to train with them for the mission. But we also read together or do all the interesting mathematic calculations.
    Long time ago my relatives were the first dog astronauts in space. Try to find out more about it.....
    Have fun and keep on trainig like astronauts!

  • Snoopie's crew getting closer to the speed of light

    To catch the dropping ruler was trained to improve the reaction time from eye to hand. Each member chose a partner to train with, took the dominant hand and tried to catch the ruler with to fingers within some seconds. Then partners changed and tried it again. After a short brake and twenty jumping jacks they figuered out that their reaction time got faster. Then it was a lot easyier to catch the ruler without a mistake!

  • Snoopie's crew strength training

    After some weeks of strength training, some members liked to show their one hand push ups, congratulation!

  • Captain Snoopie and the crew's acrobatic training

    Captain Snoopie can't do a salto here on earth but shows how the crew members trained her to walk, to run and to jump through a Hula-Hoop. Later the Captain was able to take three of them one after the other!
    Well done Snoopie!

  • Captain Snoopie and the crew's agility training

    Captain Snoopie likes to train with crew members for special missions.
    But this time was really hard because it was so exiting on the one hand and on the other hand the floor was so slippery. So first we tried it very slow and took some pauses to rest. Then we speeded up and the crew members could follow faster. The captain was very concentrated not to knock over the blue columns. As a reward the members were feeding lovely tasting goodies, so training got even more interesting!
    The crew members did very well in showing Snoopie how to act and run without kicking somebody or something over.
    A bit later, while Snoopie had a rest again, the crew put up a parcour with wider and shorter distances, to improve their manoeuvrability.
    Snoopie forced the crew to a race - everybody had to start lying face down, then jump up quickly and run through the parcour as fast as possible without a mistake.
    Guess who won?

  • Snoopie meets Astro-Charlie

    Today our Captain Snoopie came back to class to train with us and to meet Astro-Charlie for the first time.
    They quite liked each other!

  • Voller Erfolg!


    Nachdem wir fleißig das Video über den Peak Lift Off studiert und analysiert haben,
    haben wir ihn im Turnsaal gleich ausprobiert .... und wir hatten alle Erfolg dabei.
    Es hat richtig Spaß gemacht. Allerdings waren wir nach einigen Wiederholungen
    total gefordert.



    The Happynaut team completed a combination of activities this week.
    Squats, pushups, and jumping in the air were the three activities which helped the students to increase the strength
    of muscles and bones. We are ready for the next mission!!!

    jumpings in the air squat and jumping
  • ICETRONAUTEN-BEARS-3500- Klettertraining

    Mit großem Eifer klettern wir in der Turnhalle und dann auch in unserem Schulgarten. Endlich Frühling !
    Die Berge am Mars werden im Nu erklettert. Mission completet!

  • Slalom - ohne Ski

    Voll motiviert liefen die Kinder den Slalom. Die Zeit wurde zuerst bei jedem Kind gestoppt, danach durften sie auf Wunsch auch gegeneinander antreten.
    Immer wieder werden die Mission X -Übungen nun in den Turnunterricht eingebaut.

  • Astronauten-Gang meets Astro-Charlie

    1,2,3,4,5, ........ 1 000 000 Sterne
    Auch im Mathematikunterricht dreht sich alles um die Sterne.
    Aktuell erobern wir den Zahlenraum 1 000 000 und stellten uns die Frage: "Wieviel ist eine Million?"
    Und als wir auf der Suche nach dieser ominösen Zahl umherstreiften und ein Bild des Sternenhimmels betrachteten, an dem exakt eine Million Sterne funkelten, sahen wir Astro-Charlie vorbeischweben.
    Natürlich nutzten wir die Chance umgehend und ergatterten ein Foto mit dem Maskottchen unseres Projekts.

  • So machen Kraftübungen Spaß!

    Zu zweit machen die Kraftübungen gleich viel mehr Spaß. Die Kinder motivieren sich gegenseitig und schaffen es daher, sich in positiver Weise anzutreiben.

  • Astropista agilità

    Ciao a tutti i nostri compagni di viaggio!
    Abbiamo completato la nostra prima missione allenandoci attraverso esercizi e percorsi gradualmente più complessi.
    Tutto ci ha permesso di migliorare la coordinazione e la velocità di esecuzione. E' stato divertente!

  • The Pathfinders - Am Planeten Geomat

    Logbucheintrag: 30 Sternzeit: 8. März 2017
    φ 46.6664 λ 14.2274
    Mrs commander SPIRIT:
    Auf dem Planeten „Geomat“ begegneten wir lauter Fremden mit geometrischen Gesichtern.

  • Une séance Rock'n Roll !

    Rock'nRoll spatial - 1

    Des roulades en rythme lors de notre séance d'E.P.S ! Certains d'entre nous ont eu la tête qui tourne ... c'est comme si l'on était dans les étoiles !
    Les Ministronautes

    Rock'nRoll spatial - 2 Rock'nRoll spatial - 3 Rock'nRoll spatial - 4
  • 17 Primary School Of Agrinio.

    This time students performed a circuit training as fast as they could and worked out the total body.
    Students carried the ball between their legs to the hula-hoop, they ran among the cones, passed under the hurdle without dropping it, and walked like a bear on the gymnastics ladder.

    See video
  • St Vincent's students learn the importance of Hydration

    In this lesson students learned about the importance of Hydration, that the body depends on water for survival and how much water there is (or should be!) in our body weight. They looked at causes and symptoms of Dehydration and tips for staying hydrated. They used various liquids and a teabag to replicate various 'urine samples' and used these to make comparisons to Hydration/Dehydration levels on a chart.

  • St Vincent's Primary conducts 'Living Bones, Strong Bones' experiment

    Students thoroughly enjoyed participating in this activity. They began by making predictions about how many books 1, 2 and 3 pieces of card could support. It's fair to say they were surprised at how many could actually be supported. They practically emptied the class library! Information was shared and compared and then thoughts turned to the integrity of the data - how could they ensure tests were fair? The agreed solution was to ensure that the same books were used in each experiment and stacked in the same way.

  • St Mary's test their dexterity

    We had to put on 2 pairs of gloves and try to do a puzzle with them on. We picked the 60 piece puzzle. It was really tricky because it took longer to pick up the pieces because of the gloves. It took Theo 11 minutes and 55 seconds to complete it! We were only allowed to help him by telling him which pieces to do next. We were trying to see what it was like for astronauts on the ISS who have to make repairs with their thick gloves on. by Faith

  • St Mary's do the taste test

    Today we did a taste test. Some of the things were tasty, but others were horrible. My favourite taste was the chocolate milk, which tasted sweet, but the cold coffee was disgusting and bitter. I found out that things can taste different in space. By Georgia
    I found out that different tastes like sour and sweet are tasted on different parts of your tongue. By Charlie

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