Spojené Státy Americké

Spojené Státy Americké

Spojené Státy Americké

Abyste se dověděli více o tom, co NASA dělá pro to aby byli studenti inspirování lidským vesmírným letem, podívejte se na www.education.nasa.gov.

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  • Our Last Run

    Though it is late in the game I wanted to add our last run! In April The Bronchos challenged each other as individuals to run the 26.2 miles it takes to total a marathon like the challenge in 26.2 with Tim! We had students and teachers running and walking around the playground, with their families at home, to and from school, and even during our reward time on Fridays! Many of us completed the challenge, and hundreds of miles were completed among the 125 Bronchos involved in Mission X. We will be presenting awards to those who completed 26.2 miles in our final awards ceremony this Friday at our school!

    Thank you, NASA, for allowing us to participate in Mission X. We have learned so much and enjoyed training like an astronaut! We will see you next year!

  • AFJROTC Cadets Honor Bataan

    Cadets from Battle Ground WA completed a 14-mile march in honor of the Bataan Death March on the 75th anniversary of the original event. 74 cadets completed the course while carrying the flags of the US, Philippines, POW/MIA, and the cadet corps guide-on.

  • Jump to the Moon in the Action Based Learning Lab!

    Students enjoyed jumping on the trampoline as well as with jump ropes while completing Jump to the Moon. Students jumped on the trampoline while stating Mission X terms... Movement anchors learning!! Go Mission X!

  • Mission X in the Action Based Learning Lab!

    Students are completing Mission Control ABL Lab Style... students are demonstrating their balancing skills as well as spelling out Mission X terms!

  • Repeating some Activities to see if the people we serve Responses change.

    Worked on the energy of the astronaut and Space station walkback
    The walk back has been going on because we want to see how the people we serve have or have not changed. That will be reported at the end of the space mission. But it does seem that our "Astronauts" are getting better.
    Same with the gravity of the Astronaut. They seem to get the idea of what they are doing now and better to do the task with out flailing. Even though we have sone other things in between the people we serve seem to remember with the verbal cue given to them.