Mission X-nyheder

  • Jornada de formación de profesores, Misión X: Entrena como un astronauta, en Madrid

    Hoy 26 de noviembre, hemos realizado en Madrid la jornada de formación de los profesores encargados de poner en marcha en sus colegios el programa Misión X, aquí os dejamos la lista de los centros participantes y ¡damos de nuevo las gracias a los profes que han venido hoy!.

    Escola Ginesta
    CEIP Rio Bidasoa
    CP Juan Aguado
    Centro educativo Ponce de León
    CP Ramón Linacero
    CP Pablo Picasso
    Colegio Jesus Nazareno (Cristo Rey)
    CEIP Concepción Arenal
    CEIP Santa Ana
    Colegio Vallmont

  • Mission X Team sends the Fit Kids out from Paris

    Mission X Working Group ready to get the challenge started at the Centre National D'etudes Spatiales in Paris. We are also sending Flat Fit Kids Charlie, Ken, Gabi, Maya, and Simon off on their world journey to get students excited about training like an astronaut!

  • Meer foto's van de Nederland

  • Trainingsdag voor Nederlandse leerkrachten

    The Mission X Dutch teachers at ESA, ESTEC in front of the Columbus mock-up

    On Friday the 19th, the Mission X Dutch teachers came to ESA, ESTEC (Noordwijk, NL) for an intense training day. Maya stayed with us the whole day while we were doing exercises, learning about space and performing experiments. Het was een heel leuke dag!

    Maya and Danielle in front of the Ariane mock up, ESA-ESTEC
  • Mision X en Colombia!

    La Mision X en Colombia es muy excitante. Ha desarrollado en los profes las ganas de enseñar a sus estudiantes como ser verdaderos astronautas. Realmente estamos muy contentos con el evento y esperamos que la Mision X se repita tantas veces como las ganas de participar existan.

    See'u again!!!

  • NASA meets Team Colombia

    HRPEO team in Colombia

    The NASA Mission X team came to Comision Colombiana del Espacio to help train more than 45 teachers who will lead Team Colombia. These teachers and community leaders are excited for the future of the challenge in Colombia and their students are already excited about training like astronauts!

  • Meeting with the British teachers

    It was a pleasure for ESA to meet the British teachers who will participate to the Challenge at Mountfitchet Mathematics and Computing College, Stansted. They are a great team and we are sure their pupils will do their best to win.

  • Flat Fit Kids are excited about Mission X!

    Gabi is the first Flat Fit Kid to travel out to the Team USA site in College Station, Texas... all these Aggies plan to carry her to a win!
    Keep an eye out for other Kids who are traveling all over the world getting people excited about training like astronauts.

  • Astronaut training

    Check here to see some real NASA astronauts updating you about what real astronaut training is like: http://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/k-4/features/F_Astronaut_Train... We can't do quite all of these things in Mission X, but it's a great beginning to being prepared for whatever YOU are going to explore in your life - in space, or beyond! Also keep an eye out for the launch of the space shuttle Discovery, currently scheduled for Wednesday, November 3, at 3:52 pm EDT, and watch live to see the real mission that the STS-133 crew has been training for!

  • meeting

    ESA can't wait to meet the other space agencies this week in Paris to be ready for the launch of the challenge in January.