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This page contains a Mission X Webinar video for leaders/teachers containing information on the program, the activities, the website and important dates to remember. A printable copy of the presentation used during the webinar is provided for download as an Adobe PDF file. The full Microsoft Powerpoint version with high-quality space images is also provided for download. This information is public domain and available as a teacher resource to use with children and others.

eBadge Guide

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MX16 | How to Upload Videos & Images

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MX16 | How Upload Points

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MX16 | How to Register for a MX Account

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MX16 | How to Approve Accounts

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MX15 New Countries

MX15 Important Dates

MX15 Ambassador

MX15 Account Registration

Training Presentation - PDF


Training Presentation - PPT

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Mission X - Activities

Mission X - Activities

Mission X - Website

Mission X - Intro