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Frage den Weltraumexperten

Mission X Nachrichten

  • Балансирање, равнотежа

    Данас смо добили знакове - беџеве/налепнице. Чланови екипе били су одушевљени. Потом је уследио тренинг кроз разне вежбе које је наставник Иван одрадио, са циљем развијања равнотеже. Било је занимљиво, а време кратко.

  • Mission X Pristine Private School, Dubai

    Push ups

    Mission X, a challenge that puts both the mental and physical strength to the true test, is an international educational challenge that invites students from around the world to participate in health and fitness activities, whilst learning their advantages. This challenge is especially useful in grasping the concept and manner in which astronauts train, as well as learn to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to benefit them for life, as Ambassador Samantha Cristoferetti (ESA Astronaut) had said, "Your body is your spaceship for life".
    Last academic year 2016-2017, Pristine Private School had decided to accept this challenge and was classified as an observing member. This year, our school is amongst the many nations competing and participating in this world-wide event, having already proved that their students possessed the capabilities related to physical activity and liveliness when it comes to sports, health, and nutrition.

    Squats Cross Fit Squats
  • リフトオフ!!!


  • 宇宙での味覚とは?


  • Скок до Месеца

    Током друге недеље вежбања испробали смо неколико врста прескакања вијаче.
    Учествовали су ученици 7. разреда.

  • Hidratação

  • CT2 Completed Level 2 Activities

    Completed Level 2 Activities
    Explora e descobre
    Caixa microbiana parte 2
    Escalar uma montanha marciana
    Ossos vivos, Ossos Fortes
    Paladar no espaço

  • Microbe Activity part 2

    learning about science
    microorganisms in space
    aprendendo sobre ciências
    microorganismos no espaço

  • Physics and M.X. Calculating reaction time.

    Measuring reaction time with such precision is extremely important in assessing the time it takes a person to take a certain attitude toward an event (reflection).
    How long time did it take this person to prevent the ruler from falling on the floor?

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