Mission X News

  • Derby Schools Making Mission X Possible.

    Derbyshire teachers training for Mission X

    Derbyshire teachers are set to get involved in Mission X as part of a county wide space programme led by Yvonne Wright. 25 teachers found out about how they can boldly go forward to take Mission X into the classroom. Lucky students and teachers will also be taking their space passports to Star City this coming year. Check out the Mission X Flags, Astro Charlie and is that Darth Vader joining our group of astronaut trainers.

  • Support docments for teachers and students

    VSSEC is helping schools in Australia and particularly in Victoria become involved in Mission X. One of the supports we are offering teachers is a template for students’ mission logs. Students in the rest of the world are more than welcome to use this and modify it to suit themselves. We have also produced a very short quick guide for teachers with a very basic description of each activity. We are using this primarily to aid the discussion with teachers who are considering the program. I have put the two documents on Dropbox. Click on these links to download a copy:-

    Student’s Mission Log

  • ミッションX 2014スタート!!!   Mission X 2014 start!!!


     昨年度も日本からエントリーした横浜市立永谷小学校チームです。 2013年は6年生が一生懸命にがんばって取り組んでいましたが、今年はそうした先輩たちの思いを引き継いで、5年生が挑戦します!!! 先週、JAXAから連絡がきたので、一足先に「光のスピード」のトレーニングを体験してみました。
     オーストリア、イタリア、イングランド、アメリカのみなさん。昨年はメッセージありがとう!!! 今年もともに頑張りましょう!!!

    It is Nagaya elementary school team that entered it from Japan last year. The fifth grader challenged though the sixth-year student worked holding out hard in 2013. Because the report had come from JAXA last week, the training of "Speed of light" was experienced a little early.
    Everybody in Austria, Italy, England, and the United States. Thank you for the message last year works hard both this year!!!

  • Let's join to MX2014 !

    チャーリー宇宙飛行士がJAXA筑波宇宙センターまで遊びに来てくれました。チャーリーはミッションXプレチャレンジに、日本の友達と一緒に参加してくれました。一緒にミッションX2014にチャレンジしましょう。Go Mission X!

    Astro Charlie came to JAXA Tsukuba Space Center. He enjoyed Mission X pre-challenge with Japanese friends. Let’s join Mission X 2014 challenge !! Go Mission X!!

  • Welcome Team Wales

    Mission X at Techniquest Cardiff

    Team UK is delighted that schools in Wales will be taking part in Mission X 2014. We had a great turnout of teachers at our Mission X briefing at Techniquest Cardiff thanks to Paul Roche and his team! And the Mission X materials will soon be available in Welsh! Astro Charlie has been busy today as he met the Welsh dragon!

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