Wootton Bassett School explores a planet using robots

Our Mission X sessions have been really cool and everything has gone well. Today we're making model robots.
The building of the robots is going well - the two Joshes are allready putting in the electrics, Elsa is making good progress on the programing software, and Matt and Lewie are busy on the visual and audio software.
Elsa is working really hard on programing our robot to go around the track/planet. The robot has 4 graphics that it can show; forwards, left, right and reaching the beacon.
There are 25 steps for building the robot and the two Joshes did it all in under 10 minutes!
Matt and Lewie are busy on the audio software and are doing excellently! This is so awesome!!!!!!!
Team1's robot has had it's first test. All went well apart from nearly falling of the table! We're fixing that now though.
Team 1's robot has had 3 more tests: test two went well but on the second to last corner it nearly fell off again! Test 3 and 4 were sucessful!
Audio is finished and we're adding that in now.
We all really enjoyed it!

Robot exploring the planet
Watching the mission briefing
Josh and Josh with their Robot!
Our MissionX team!
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Well done space explorers

Looks like you have come up with some great designs. Would love to know more about the 25 steps for building the robot! Your robot assembly time is very fast!