Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Mehr über Aktivitäten, mit denen die NASA das Interesse von Schülern für die bemannte Raumfahrt erweckt, finden Sie unter

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  • Repeating some Activities to see if the people we serve Responses change.

    Worked on the energy of the astronaut and Space station walkback
    The walk back has been going on because we want to see how the people we serve have or have not changed. That will be reported at the end of the space mission. But it does seem that our "Astronauts" are getting better.
    Same with the gravity of the Astronaut. They seem to get the idea of what they are doing now and better to do the task with out flailing. Even though we have sone other things in between the people we serve seem to remember with the verbal cue given to them.

  • Tiger Titans prepare for Bataan march

    Tigers from Battle Ground are preparing for a 14-mile march by increasing walking each week; progressing from simple 1-mile per day to tracking each step, every day a part of a weekly log used to monitor health and fitness.

  • Warrior Day

    Cadets worked hard toting sand bags, running obstacle courses, and practicing buddy carries, all up and down hills as part of warrior day team-building challenge.

  • Team Sports

    Soccer as a way of building up team spirit!

  • And we have explored

    In the session for the people we support we worked on various different activities that would promote strength and consistency of the astronaut. The was hand eye coordination, along with the eye and other parts of the body. This was the adaptive of this mission. Hockey, pedalling the bike with your feet and hands and kicking the ball.