Noticias de Misión X

  • L-6 days

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    The Mission X crew just got back from training Challenge team leaders for the beta test that starts next week in Texas. It was awesome to see the enthusiasm these team leaders had for their students, for space exploration, and for improving personal fitness together. We had future psychologists, doctors, poets, poultry scientists, and more... and ALL of them are great examples to the Fit Kids and the community to get everyone excited about exploration. STS-131 is expected to launch Monday morning, April 5, at 5:21 am Texas time. This mission is a great example of what the Challenge is all about: this mission has men and women, rookies and veterans, crew members from different countries. They will carry food and science supplies up to the International Space Station, a freezer called MELFI that keeps things at -80 degrees (brrr!), a laser camera that will help the shuttle and the station dock to each other, and much more equipment. They plan to do three spacewalks.

  • Something cool to try!

    The Mars

    Did you know that you could become a Martian citizen? Check out the mission support tab for more information on human spaceflight and how you can become official on the red planet!

  • 300 days to the Challenge!

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    I am so excited that the challenge starts in 300 days! There is much preparation remaining: activities to finish writing, teachers and team leaders to train, materials to gather, videos to make... but we are so excited to learn to train like an astronaut!

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