Sub-zero training in Moscow

Hi Mission X trainees,

Here's a quick update from Star City, just outside Moscow. I’m here with ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet to learn how to operate Russia's latest "Orlan MK" spacesuit which is used for Extra-Vehicular Activity - or 'spacewalks'. We are diving in a special 10m deep pool called the 'Hydrolab', whilst wearing the pressurised spacesuit and learning how to do an EVA. Despite the temperature being minus 30 degrees Celsius outside, thankfully the pool is heated! Operating the suit under pressure is hard work and requires a lot of effort for several hours - so we have been keeping fit by strength training and running in the gym and doing plenty of swimming too.

It has been fantastic to see on the website what you are all up to - there have been so many different ideas for how to stay fit and healthy whilst having loads of fun too. Keep up the great work!!

Tim Peake training in the GCTC gym
Thomas Pesquet training in the GCTC gym
Orlan spacesuit
GCTC Hydolab



we are the "Mx Gemini A" team, from St.Louis School, Chieri (Turin - Italy).
Thanks for your pictures from Star City; now we understand what means "train like an astronaut"!
Here also in the last week the cold arrived (we had minus 15 degrees at 10:00 AM outside our school!!!)
We are very happy of Mission X, and we are working, as you, for improve ourselves, having a lot of fun!
Our wishes to you, Timothy, and Thomas also, for your astronauts training!!!
(...and if you will post others pictures about your training, well, we'll like it!)

"Mx Gemini A" Team

siamo la squadra Gemini A di Chieri, Torino - Italia.
Grazie per le foto da Star City; ora capiamo cosa vuol dire allenarsi come un astronauta!
Anche da noi la scorsa settimana è arrivato il freddo, (siamo arrivati a meno 15 gradi fuori della scuola, alle 10.00 di mattina!!).
Siamo molto felici di Mission X, e stiamo lavorando, come voi, per migliorare noi stessi, divertendoci molto!
I nostri auguri a te Timothy, e anche a Thomas, per il vostro allenamento da astronauti!
(...e se invii altre foto del tuo allenamento, ci farà piacere!).

"Mx Gemini A" Team