The Great Apollo and Chandra Report from Hockerill AngloEuropean College

Students from 7 G at Hockerill, a fun environment that encourages you to take part in lots of activities such as Mission X, have been busy taking part in sports activities such as the effect of exercise on the body. We have also been looking at how gravity affects the body. We have been making experiments to see how forces and friction affect us. We have also been creating a powerpoint presentation about our Mission X. We have been finding out about the different space agencies such as CNES in France, ESA. ISA to find about what projects they are involved in, how much money they are spending on space and also some of the cultural issues affecting the countries. We have also been working alongside year 12 students who have been helping us with our research.

Allez Mission X! GO MISSION X 加油!



Bonjour Hockerill

Great work on your research into all the different space agencies. Mr Vine is creating some amazing opportunities for you to learn about space and other countries.