Des nouvelles de Mission X

  • Temple Space Super Learning Centre

    On Thursday the 19th November ,Temple Primary School,in Cheetham Hill,Manchester,had a space super learning day led by our fantastic Space Cadets .

    The point of the day was to encourage all of the classes to learn more about Tim Peake's Mission to the ISS as well as a great opportunity for all pupils and staff to take part in the Mission X activities .

    To set the tone of the day and stimulate the pupils interest in Space we had a portable planetarium in school on the Monday ,followed by a session using infrared cameras which everyone thought was awesome!!

    The Space Cadets ,who have been training hard for the past 5 weeks , did an amazing job of really engaging with their peers and making the Missions exciting, as well as passing on the knowledge that they had learnt along the way.

    Well done to you all, you definitely have the making of future astronauts!!!!

  • Trabajo en equipo

    Trabajando en equipo

    Disfrutando de trabajar en equipo.

    Comentando el trabajo realizado
  • Midiendo el esfuerzo

    Midiendo nuestro esfuerzo

    Alumnos de tercero básico de la Escuela Carlos Ibàñez del Campo, controlando su frecuencia cardíaca.

  • Salto a la luna

    Huesos Fuertes

    Actividades de fortalecimiento del tren inferior

    Trabajando la tripulaciòn Saltos, y mas saltos
  • Salto a la luna Quinto A

    Saltando la Comba

    Alumnos disfrutan con el profesor Hugo Morales Hernández, quien los entrena como astronautas saltando la cuerda o comba.
    Al final de la actividad se premió a tres alumnos que realizan su mayor esfuerzo en las actividades.
    Cada equipo tendrá su video.
    Los alumnos han disfrutado la actividad y se sienten motivados a realizar más actividades físicas para llevar una vida saludable.
    A veces la Profesora de Ciencias Margarita Valenzuela se hace parte del entrenamiento de los Alumnos del Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca

    Diversión con la cuerda
    See video
  • Rockets, balances and so much fun.

    P3 at Balmuildy Primary School have had another fantastic few weeks. They are preparing to launch vinegar and baking soda rockets (when the Scottish weather clears) have learned about newtons 2nd and 3rd laws through balloon rockets. Taken to the gym to Jump for the Moon, complete Crew Strength Training and test their reaction speeds with The Speed of Light. Another exciting and fun packed few weeks.

  • Gravedad Reducida, Alimentos bajos en grasas

    Equipos Sexto B CEST

    Alumnos trabajaron entretenidos en el laboratorio observando la analogía de como se combina el alimento en nuestro estómago y se tritura en la boca, sientieron el mal aroma de la comida chatarra y vieron su aspecto desagradable. Muchos de ellos exclamaron "No comeré más papas fritas ni hamburguesas".
    Pudieron identificar conlas etiquetas nutricionales, el aporte energético de la comida chatarra y observar que su mayor componente es la grasa.

    Equipos Sexto B CEST Equipo Quinto B CEST Equipo Quinto B CEST
  • Crew Assembly

    On 13th November 2015, we did the task of Mission x ‘Crew Assembly.’ For this we classified ourselves in three groups and started the task.
    We assembled a puzzle of 36 pieces on a piece of cardboard. The distance between home base and the assembly area was about 3 meters. We followed all the instruction from the mission handout.
    Finally we collected the mission data and end the task.

  • Niños felices con Misión X

    Alumnos de la escuela San Miguel de Talca, participan entusiastas de las actividades de misión X.

  • Do a Space Walk

    On 11th day of November 2015 we did a task of Mission X ‘Building an Astronaut Core.’ For this we first classified ourselves in two groups. We did this activity in a little comfort zone and used wrapped bowl as the cone.
    For Bear Crawl; first we got down on our hands and feet (facing the floor) and walked on all fours like a bear. We repeated this for two times.
    For Crab Walk; first we sat on the ground and put our arms and hands behind us, knees were bent and feet were on the floor. We lifted ourselves off the ground (facing upwards). Then we took rest for two minutes.
    Finally we collected the mission data and hydrated ourselves.
    Initially it was quite difficult to train the small kids but finally it became the interested one.

  • Building an astronaut core

    On 11th day of November 2015 we did a task of Mission X ‘Building an Astronaut Core.’ For this we first classified ourselves in two groups. We did this activity in a little comfort zone and used wrapped bowl as the cone.
    First of all, we maintained our position by lying down our stomach, resting on our forearms, making a fist with each hand, placing our knuckles on the floor shoulder width apart.
    Then we began to complete as many crunches as possible in one minute. We took rest for two minutes. After that we stabilized our body for 30 seconds by using our arm muscles and pushing our body off the floor supporting our weight on our forearms and toes. Finally we collected the mission data and hydrated ourselves.

  • ¡Fuerza física para la tripulación!

    En Ochagavía estuvimos entrenando duro esta semana, hicimos sentadillas, pinta flexiones de pecho y terminamos con mímica. Como cada encuentro, lo pasamos incréible, nos reímos, compartimos, aprendimos, entrenamos. ¡Excelente Misión X!

  • Balmuildy Primary School engaged and waiting for launch

    Balmuildy Primary school have been busy this week building a junk ISS and using K'NEX and Lego to build rockets and exploration buggies. They completed Crew Assembly and gave the teachers lots to laugh at. Building an astronaut core made them think about their bodies and Explore and Discover threw up some interesting problems to solve. What another fabulous week.

  • Temple Space Cadets complete more Missions

    This week Temple Space Cadets have continued to take part in their Missions in preparation for them leading the whole school on our special Mission X day on November 19th.

    This week we have completed the Agility Astro course , which was great fun and we have even up up with some novel ideas to make our own course.

    Then we climbed a Martian Mountain ,firstly on the indoor climbing frame in the school Gym then outside on the bouldering wall and the trim trail.

    We then did explore and discover and competed in teams to see who was the best before doing the favourite activity of the week Strong Bones.

  • Agility Astro Course

    On 4th day of November 2015 we did a task of Mission X ‘Agility Astro Course.’ For this we first classified ourselves in two groups. We did this activity in a little comfort zone and used wrapped bowl as the cone.

    The length of the course is 10 meters (33 feet) and the width (distance between the start and finish points) is 5 meters (16.5 feet). Four cones are used to mark the start, finish, and the two turning points. Another four cones are placed down the center an equal distance apart 3.3 meters (11 feet) apart between each cone.
    Each individual took about an average time period of 3 minutes on completing the agility astro course for 3 times. There was a gap for 60 seconds in every lap. The total time taken for the course was about 30-45 minutes.

  • Creando minutas saludables

    Alumnas del colegio María Mazzarello de Talca crean minutas saludable, con los requerimientos nutricionales adecuados a su edady misión encomendada por los astronautas.

  • Great job. Keep training with me!!

    Hello everybody! As you can see in the picture, I have left Canada and am headed to Chile. There is only a month left for you to help me move all the way around the Earth, so please ask your team leaders to submit the points when you complete a Mission X activity.

    You are all doing a fantastic job Training Like Astronauts, and are really helping Tim Peake and me train.

    Go Mission X!!!!!

    ~Astro Charlie

  • Mission: Control

    On 2nd day of November 2015, we did the task of Mission X ‘Mission: Control.’ For this 1st of all we classified ourselves into two groups and we did warm up. We initiated our activity as follows:
    First we bounced a tennis ball off a wall while balancing on one foot. We did this for 60 seconds. Without taking a break, we changed legs and balanced on the opposite foot for 60 seconds. We took rest for 30 seconds and repeated this routine five times.
    Then we conducted the above acceleration while balancing one foot on a small trampoline.
    We played the Balance Training Game with a partner by balancing one foot on a small trampoline.
    Finally we hydrated ourselves and collected the mission data and we completed our task.
    This activity was so interesting, we all enjoyed this task.

  • Northgate Primary School Bishops Stortford Ready for Mission X Lift-Off

    60 students from Year 5 have started their astronaut training challenge. Their first task is to research Tim Peake and create a powerpoint presentation. Lots of inspiration from and the Sokol spacesuit visit and Heather MacRae from the Mission X team.

    Photos to follow.

  • Jump for the moon

    On 25th day of October 2015, we did the activity of mission x ‘Jump for the Moon’. For this first we did warm up and then we initiate our activity. We jumped rope in place for 60 seconds without stopping. Then we took rest for 30 seconds. Similarly, we simultaneously jumped rope side to side for 60 seconds. We repeated this activity for three times.
    Again we jumped rope for 30 seconds doing a straddle jump. Also for this we took rest for 30 seconds then did a straddle jump for 60 seconds. Again we repeated this activity three times.
    Finally we jumped rope in place for 30 seconds and jumped rope side to side for 30 seconds. Straddle jumped for 30 seconds. Then we took rest for 30 seconds and we did this three times.
    At last we hydrated ourselves and collected the mission data from both of the groups.
    We all were excited to carry out this activity, as we could play skipping rope game too.

  • Walk Around The Earth

    Descubriendo Mas de MI, nivel Primaria

    Energía de un astronauta
    Sabemos que adquirir un habito de como y que comer lleva tiempo, y es importante saber que requiere cada uno de los órganos que conforman nuestro cuerpo. Para apoyarlos Alonso Cesar del equipo MAC-ORION ha desarrollado el juego DESCUBRIENDO MAS DE MI, que consiste de un tablero que muestra el cuerpo humano, un segundo tablero que muestra los órganos del aparato digestivo y una serie de tarjetas con preguntas que te permitan relacionar que alimento requieres para fortalecer un órgano en especifico , Las tarjetas están en una planilla por el frente muestran el órgano correspondiente y en una segunda planilla esta impreso el material que debe quedar por el reverso de su tarjeta respectiva.
    Para que puedan identificar el juego correspondiente llevan el mismo numero de hoja y se indica frente y posterior de cada hoja.
    Se tienen dos niveles, el nivel KINDER en la página

  • Speed of light

    On 20th day of October 2015 we carried out the activity of mission x 'Speed of Light'. On carrying out this task 1st of all we discussed about the speed of light according to the mission handout. Then we classified our team into two group naming ‘A’ & ‘B’. We did the experiment for 10 times; 5 times before stress & 5 times after stress. Then we collected the mission data from both groups.
    This task was quite different than our thought. We were thinking that, in this task we have to find the speed of light, however it is more difficult to find the speed of light but finally we came to know that it was just to improve the concentration power and the contact between eyes and hand.

  • Astro circuiton de Agilidad


    Alumnos trabajando en la prueba de agilidad.

    sorteando obstaculos creando nuevos ejercicios a partir del material existente circuito de trabajo
  • Alimentaciòn saludable

    Grupo Fenix trabajando

    Alumnos de la Escuela Carlos Ibàñez del campo trabajando sobre la importancia de la alimentaciòn saludable y la hidrataciòn.

    Colaciones Saludables Actividad Fìsica Grupo Fènix
  • Niños felices con Misión X

    Alumnos de la Escuela San Miguel aceptan y participan entusiastas de las actividades propuestas en misión X.

  • Alimentaciòn saludable

    3º año en clase de Alimentaciòn Saludable

    Los alumnos de la Escuela Carlos Ibàñez del campo de Linares, en una actividad de alimentación saludable, luego de la clase de Educación Física.

  • Alimentaciòn saludable

    3º año en clase de Alimentaciòn Saludable

    Los alumnos de la Escuela Carlos Ibàñez del campo de Linares, en una actividad de alimentación saludable, luego de la clase de Educación Física.

    Reconociendo los alimentos Importancia de la actividad fìsica
  • Crew Strength Training

    चालक दलको सामथ्र्य
    अक्टोवर १५, २०१५ मा हामीले चालक दलको सामथ्र्य कृयाकलाप गर्यौं । यो कृयाकलाप गर्दा सुरुमा दुई समुहमा विभाजन गर्यौं र पहिला वार्मअप गर्यौं । त्यसपछि प्रत्येकले २० पटक स्क्वाट गर्यौं र एक मिनेट आराम गर्यौं । त्यसपछि फेरी प्रत्येकले २० पटक पुशअप गर्यौं । अन्त्यमा सबै कृयाकलापको प्रतिवेदन तयार गर्यौं ।

    On 15th day of October 2015 we gathered in the hall to perform an activity of Mission X – 'Crew Strength Training'. We first divided into two groups of 5 and 6 members. We did warm-up in the beginning. Then each member did Squat 20 time simultaneously. After that we took rest for 60 seconds. We then did push-up 20 times each. At the end, we prepared report of the activities. On the first day many members felt little tired after the activity but when we repeated the activity on the consecutive days we started feeling less tired but more strength.

  • Energy of an Astronaut

    अन्तरिक्षयात्रीको उर्जा
    हामीले ११ अक्टोवरमा २०१५मा यो क्रियाकलाप गर्दा सुरुमा दुई ओटा समूहमा विभाजन गर्यौं । त्यस पछि खानाको दैनिक तालिका पनि तयार पार्यौं र त्यसमा प्राप्त गर्न सकिने मात्राको क्यालोरी पनि तोक्यौं । यस पछाडि अंक जम्मा गर्ने कृयाकलाप सुरु भयो ।
    We gathered on 11th day of October 2015 to do one activity of Mission X level 1. The activity was 'Energy of an Astronaut'. We first divided ourselves in two groups. Each group created a food pyramid. Then we created food chart. We put calories from each food item in the chart. Then we calculated points in the point table format. And also completed the activity table. From this activity we learnt that different food items provide different amount of calories and calorie is important to keep us strong and able to perform our works.

  • ¡Preparando nuestro registro para saludar amigos de Missión X del mundo!

    Hoy estuvimos preparando nuestro video en el barrio, recorriendo, grabando y entrevistando a las personas y lugares de nuestro entorno cámara en mano, para presentarnos al resto de los equipos del programa Missión X alrededor del mundo.


    Alumnas del Colegio María Mazzarello de Talca, practican habitos de vida saludable para estar preparadas para su misión. Primero pasarón por la estación de hidratación, luego de un recorrido llegarón a la estación de alimentación, ingieren alimentos ricos en vitaminas, con el objetivo de tener una buena reserva para cumplir con la misión encomendada.

  • El punto de partida

    Revisión médica

    Los astronautas son cuidados por médicos que previenen y evitan daños a la salud

    Y comienzan revisando la resistencia, velocidad, coordinación y agilidad con la que inician.

    Conociendo sus límites

    primera estación de hidratación

    Las alumnas del colegio María Mazzarello de Talca se preparan fisicamante y de manera saludable para estar preparadas para la siguiente mision, realizando actividades para mantener un cuepo sano.

    primera estación de hidratación primera estación de hidratación primera estación de hidratación
  • Astro Charlie meets Astro Charlie

    Charlie Bolden Image Credit Michael Cockerham

    Charlie Bolden, NASA Administrator and inspiration for Astro Charlie popped by the UK earlier this year. Over 7000 budding astronauts have signed up already for MIssion X 2015 in the UK.

    Why not show introduce Astro Charlie to your school and post a picture of your training to share with other Mission X classes across the world! And encourage neighbouring schools to join in our walk to the moon.

  • Nos divertimos entrenando

    En Rancagua quisimos hacer ejercicio de manera entretenida. Así es que nos pusimos a entrenar con juegos tradicionales chilenos como las quemadas -donde un grupo de jugadores le lanzan un pelotazo o "quemada" a los del equipo contrincante-, la pinta -juego en que los jugadores deben moverse rápidamente en el espacio para evitar ser tocados por quién “pinta”-, el luche - donde los jugadores por turnos deben ir saltando a través de casilleros dibujados con tiza- y otros. Además, preparamos nuestros propios huertos de comida saludable y construimos aviones de papel con distintos diseños para realizar carreras de distancia de vuelo.

  • Mensajes a los niños del mundo

    El equipo del barrio Punta del Sol de Rancagua envía mensajes a todos los niños y niñas del resto de los países del mundo que participan en Missión X ¡Nuestros mejores deseos para ustedes!

  • Astro recorrido de agilidad

    Con energía, alegría y esfuerzo nuestros amigos de Ochagavía realizaron en la última sesión los ejercicios del astrorecorrido de agilidad, inspirados en ayudar a Charlie en su viaje alrededor de la tierra. Además, diseñaron un precioso lienzo de Misión X Ochagavía con nuestra artista voluntaria.

  • MISSION X Kick Off

    Nepal team had the opportunity to organise the kick off of mission X this season with the presence of NASA Mission X team - Saroj Patel, Nubia A. Carvajal and Mr. Chuck participated through Skype. We cut cake to celebrate the kick off. Our team members could interact with Mr. Chuck and the team from NASA who answered a number of questions from our team members regarding space tour. The pictures attached will give the view of the kick off ceremony.

  • Modelo de Hueso

    Equipo 5 A

    Alumnos del Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca entusiasmados con la misión. construyen su modelo de Hueso.

    See video
  • Balmuildy Primary Physical Activities

    Primary 3 at Balmuildy Primary School in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, have been having lots of great fun and learning about their bodies. They have completed the Astro Agility Course, Base Station Walk back and Do A Spacewalk. Along with some great physical activities they have been keeping a record of their heart beats at rest and play and recording their coordination. They are thoroughly excited about Tim Peake's big launch and counting down the days in class.

  • Huesos Vivos Huesos Fuertes

    Equipos Sexto B CEST

    Los alumnos han observado los huesos y están en proceso de construcción de su modelo de hueso.
    Se les solicitó que para cada clase llevasen su carpeta de misión X, que la deben adornar con recortes de astronautas y el espacio de la manera más lúdica posible y utilizando su imagnación.

    Equipos Sexto B CEST Carpeta Misión X CEST Diario Misió X CEST

    Construyendo  en equipo huesos fuertes

    Alumnas del Colegio María Mazzarello de Talca, después de una entretenida experiencia con huesos, construyen sus huesos sanos y fuertes.

    Construyendo  en equipo huesos fuertes Construyendo en equipo huesos fuertes Construyendo en equipo huesos fuertes
  • 杏林大学医学部M1地域と大学グループCその2

    We did missionX in our class.
    When we all exercised,
    we felt a hardship of an austronaut and thoght it was fresh to exercise.

  • Warriors Space Cadets take part in Mission X

    Abraham Moss Warriors Football club from Manchester have decided to incorporate the Mission X activities into their weekly training sessions to improve their fitness as well as health and well being .

    This week they have completed 5 activities and are looking forward to doing even more next week.

    The players are all really enjoying the chance to have different activities in their warm ups and are having fun competing against all of the other teams in the club -currently the under 12's Gold team are doing the best ...
    Watch this space to see what group are going to be in the lead next week!!

    from Warriors Space Cadets

  • Busy week for Temple Space Cadets

    get on your space bike

    Temple Space Cadets have had a really busy week completing missions.

    This week we have completed Energy of an Astronaut -the Cadets really enjoyed learning about calories and how to identify which foods were healthier by looking at the labels,most were shocked by the amount of fats and sugars in foods that they thought would be really healthy such as digestive biscuits or brown bread.

    We have also completed Base station Walk Back -the Cadets have been practising at breaks and lunchtimes improving their distance travelled every day,they have even taken home pedometers to try and walk 10,000 steps a day each which is really improving their stamina.

    Then we completed Hydration Station - This has been one of the Cadets favourite activities so far,they were all really shocked to see that they were all dehydrated and since doing the Mission they are all drinking much more water around school and encouraging their friends and families to also drink more.

  • 杏林大学医学部1年生地域と大学グループC


    We did missionX in my class.

    We thoght it gave a wonderful gift for children.

  • Entrenando y documentando

    Estuvimos en el Consultorio de Salud Mental, COSAM, de Pedro Aguirre Cerda entrenando como un astronauta con Misión X en el barrio y, además, tuvimos la visita del documentalista uruguayo Guillermo Amato quien registró nuestra sesión de hoy y nos hizo un mini taller sobre registro documental. Como siempre... ¡Lo pasamos muy bien!


    Huesos sanos, Huesos Fuertes

    Alumnas conocen como se mantien los huesos sanos y fuertes.

    Esperimentación contruccion de hipotesis para huesos fuertes
  • Motivación de Mission X

    Inicio de la Mission  X

    Alumnas de 5° año del Colegio María Mazzarello, motivadas a entrenar como un astronauta. Foto corporativa de la Missión X.

  • Temple Space Cadets continue to help Astro Charlie on his journey home!

    Temple Space Cadets have been working really hard this week working on their flexibility and agility by taking part in 'Space Rock-n- Roll'.
    The Cadets really enjoyed doing the somersaults through the hula hoops.Some Cadets were scared to start with,but with encouragement from their team mates everybody managed to complete the task. Well done!

    The Cadets favourite activity this week has been Planet You Go,Gravity You Find.They really enjoyed competing with each other to see who could jump the furthest with the ball .Everyone had at least 30 goes each and were managing to jump really far by the end,although their muscles were starting to ache a bit.....
    We hope you are all having fun with your missions and we look forward to reading what you have been up to this week....

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