Des nouvelles de Mission X

  • Sautez sous toutes les formes

    Nous avons réalisé différents sauts : en longueur, à la corde, en hauteur...Tous les sauts cumulés, nous avons réalisé un saut de 3.319 km
    Notre site :

  • Courir sous toutes les formes

    Notre mission a démarré avec notre premier atelier "courir sous toutes les formes". Après avoir mesuré les formes et calculé les périmètres du cercle, du triangle et du carré, nous avons couru pendant 2 séquences de 15'. Incroyable!!! la distance totale parcourue par la classe a été de 85 248m...Plus de deux marathons !!

  • ¡Comenzamos!

  • Unsere Mission hat begonnen

    Unsere erste Mission "Zurück zur Basisstation" hat von uns bei unserem ersten Versuch alle Kräfte gefordert! Wir arbeiten an unserer Atmung, unserer Ausdauer und an einem konstanten Lauftempo, das wir auch länger durchhalten können.
    Da weil haben wir 720 Meter im Teamachterlauf in einem Durchgang geschafft! Wir sind erschöpft, geben aber nicht auf. Wir wissen wir können die 1600 Meter schaffen!

  • Barnham School doing a Spacewalk

    We had to practice doing crab walks and bear walks in order to improve our upper body strength.

    We worked as a team to get from one end of the field to the other making sure we were always in the correct position,

    We then decided to play a game of crab football to further enhance our skills and work as a team to score points against another team.

  • Barnham School attend Crew Strength Training.

    We had two different stations including squats and push ups.

    For squats we had to use our quad muscles to help us to strength our core muscles in order to help us climb. We used a medicine ball for increased resistance of those muscles.

    For push ups we had to make sure our body was in the correct position to lower down and raise up, strengthening our core muscles further.

    We really felt the muscles had been working hard the next day, as they were slightly achy.

  • Barnham School Climbing a Martian Mountian

    We climbed ropes, poles and ladders whilst scaling a climbing frame, to work our way to the top.

    We learnt about the different muscles and nutrition that we would need to help.

    We used our pectoral muscles to get to the highest point and then descend safely.

    We all really enjoyed getting to the top even though it was quite hard as it wobbled slightly but our team kept us going and supported us the whole time.

    We are ready for our next mission.

  • Mission X UK - Ready For Launch

    Tim Peake, ESA Astronaut Training for Space

    Over 15000 children and 250 schools are now taking part in Mission X UK. We are looking forward to reading about all the different schools taking part and being inspired with your ideas on how you can make training like an astronaut fun! Please do share your training progress in the blogosphere … and remember to collect points for the activities you undertake!

    We are also looking forward to meeting as many children and teachers at the many different schools and regional events as we can! Thank you to all the schools who have been busy booking places at our exciting regional events across the country!

    Go Mission X and remember that the website will have resources available for you to use in the classroom!

  • Media Space at Greenhills

    Astro Charlie has landed at Greenhills Primary School in East Kilbride, Scotland.

    Astro Charlie braved the snow and managed to sneak into Room 5 leaving them a special letter and mission to complete.
    He also left equipment for a space station for the us to explore.

    We started the 1st challenge straight away and took Astro Chralie exploring round our favourite parts of the school inclusing the sensory room, physiotherapy room and back stage.

    We can't wait to do more challenges and we've already been inspired by space to bring in items from home.

    We will update you soon!

    This was a mission update from the Green Galaxy 5.

    Cara, Aimee, Sarah, Paul, Richard, Abbie and Mary Jane :)

  • Bweglich und schnell über die Astrotrainingsstrecke

    Nach dem gestrigen Teamleitertreffen, musste ich meinen Kindern sofort die Neuigkeiten zum Projekt erzählen. Da wir heute Bewegung und Sport hatten, entschieden sich die Kinder für die Astrotrainigsstrecke.
    Den Aufbau, die Erklärung und die Nachbesprechung leiteten die Kinder fast ausschließlich selber. Obwohl wir noch nie zuvor eine so intensive Nachbesprechung geübt haben. Die Kinder entwickelten regelrecht einen Ehrgeiz und opferten sogar ihre Gartenpause um die Mission im Turnsaal abzuschließen. Danach hielten wir die Gedanken ein einigen kurzen Sätzen fest:
    Ich fand die Austrotrainingsstrecke richtig gut. Es war cool, super aber auch sehr anstrengend. Es war cool, wo wir mit dem Sack als Klasse über die Hütchen gesprungen sind. Man musste aufpassen, dass man nicht zu laut ist aber es hat Spaß gemacht. Ich fand es lustig, da wir gemeinsam geübt haben"

  • ミッションX2015スタートします!!



  • Welcome to Mission X 2015

    A mockup of the International Space Station Cupola

    Dear all Mission X 2015 Teams and Sites. The website has some new look, as well as a new educational activity called Taste in Space. We hope you will be able to try both activities for the classroom and the gym. Staying active, striving to live a healthly lifestyle and even learn a little about human space exploration. I recommend that one of your first steps is to get logged on to the site and try to blog just like me. We really appreciate your efforts to share with us here at NASA. GO MISSION X!!! Here is a cool picture I took of a mockup of the Space Station Cupola with my family looking back at me.

  • ミッションX2015スタート!!! Mission X2015 start !!!


     日本の横浜市立永谷小学校6年生のチームです。ミッションXへの参加は今年で3年目。2015年も参加することを楽しみにしていました!!! 自分たちの力を高めることももちろんですが、毎年、いろいろな国の友だちとメッセージをやりとりするのも楽しみの一つです。世界のみんな、一緒にがんばろう!!!

    It is Nagaya Elementary School sixth-grade team of Japan. It is the third year of our school to participate in the mission X. We were looking forward to participating in the activities this year. It is part of the fun to be friends and communication of various countries. Everyone of the world, will work hard together !!!

  • Message

  • A short and fun Mission X video...

    It's All About that Space... turn up your speakers and watch some images from the 2015 Early Challenge and 2014 Challenge to get us all warmed up for Mission X 2015! Get ready for launch in January and... Go Mission X!!!!!

  • MX Austria Maskottchen???? Da fällt uns die Wahl schwer!

    In den letzten Tagen haben wir in unserem Kreativ-Labor uns die Köpfe zerbrochen.
    Dabei herausgekommen sind leider gleich ZWEI Assistenten für Astro-Charly, die uns gut gefallen.
    Nun müssen wir einen auswählen, den wir ins Rennen schicken. Vielleicht lassen wir diesmal das Los entscheiden?

    Beide Maskottchen haben wir gebastelt, fotografiert und auch noch in Paint verewigt.
    Mal sehen, wie wir uns entscheiden werden und welche Kollegen uns im Assessment Gesellschaft leisten werden.

  • Wow! Wir sind dabei!

    Da war der Jubel aber groß, als wir erfuhren bei der Mission X 2015 dabei sein zu dürfen.
    Schnell haben wir aus zehn Vorschlägen im Klassenparlament gemeinsam unseren Teamnamen festgelegt und schon sind wir eifrig dabei diese Mission vorzubereiten.

    Wir, das ist die Bärenklasse der Janusz Korczak-Schule in Wien. Alle 24 Kinder nahmen an einem Workshop im Spacelab des Technischen Museums Wien teil, um viel Neues über unser Sonnensystem und die Weltraumfahrt zu erfahren.
    Nun sind wir dabei ein Maskottchen für Astro Charly auszudenken und dabei gibt es mehr Ideen als Kinder. Lasst euch überraschen, denn davon berichten wir bald.
    Damit ihr einen ersten Eindruck von uns bekommt, stellen wir uns hier mit unserem Bewerbungsvideo vor. Also viel Spaß beim Ansehen!
    See you soon! Eure 3b

  • Australia - Are you ready to help Astro Charlie walk to the moon in 2015 ?

    In Mission X 14 Australia had 848 children involved across 11 sites/schools and placed 7th out of 23 countries involved. That was a lot of kids learning about health and wellbeing and training like an astronaut.

    Mission X 2015 is open for schools to signup until 12th December so get your registrations in before the closing date.

    Email if you have any questions.

  • 한영 유치원 별님반 5주차

    내 몸을 튼튼하게 하는 영양 간식에 대해 배웠습니다.
    지방 조끼를 입고 직접 체험해보면서 햄버거, 튀김 보다 과일, 채소를
    더 많이 먹어야 겠다고 생각했답니다~

  • 무지개반 2주차 활동~

    무지개반 친구들이 줄넘기 활동을 해보았어요~
    줄넘기를 열심히 해보았답니다.
    하는 동안 다른 친구들은 줄넘기 개수를 세주었어요.
    땀이 나고 힘들었지만 몸이 많이 건강해지는 느낌이었답니다~

  • 해님반 3주차 우주코스달리기 모습입니다.

    장애물 도는 규칙이 다소 생소하고,
    몸의 방향을 급하게 변화시켜 뛰는 것이 어려웠다고 어린이들이 말하네요.
    하지만 두 번째로 활동하여 규칙에 익숙해지자 자신이 생겨 더 해보고 싶다고 했답니다.

  • 한영 유치원 별님반 3주차 활동-우주 코스 달리기

    코스가 너무 어려워 헷갈렸지만 신나게 달릴 수 있어서 재미있었어요.
    준비자세에서부터 심장이 두근거렸답니다.
    민첩성을 기르려면 평소에 골고루 잘 먹고 운동도 더 많이 해야겠다는 생각이 들었다는 별님반 친구들입니다~

  • Mission X 2015 Sverige

    Är dina elever i åldrarna 8-12 år redo för en ny utmaning och vill representera Sverige i Mission X 2015?
    Anmäl då ert intresse senast 22 november 2014.

    Mission X fokuserar på träning, kost och naturvetenskap och möjliggör ett ämnesövergripande arbete.
    Uppdragen som ingår i Mission X är utvecklade i samarbete mellan NASA och ESA och utgår från den träning
    som astronauter utför. Eleverna får kunskap om bland annat hur kroppen fungerar på jorden och vilka behov
    astronauterna har ute i världsrymden.Teknikens Hus i Luleå är samordnare för Sverige och ingår i ett nordiskt team
    som leds av ESERO i Norge.

    Mer information om anmälan och Mission X finns på

  • 한영유치원 별님반 2주차

    달까지 점프해보겠다는 각오로 열심히 줄넘기를 해보았어요.
    심장이 빨리 뛰고 힘들었지만 너무 재미있었답니다.

  • 한영유치원 달님반 2주차 활동입니다.

    친구들이 예상보다 줄넘기를 아주 잘 하였어요.
    체육실과 소운동장에서 활동 하였습니다.

  • 해님반 2주차 줄넘기 모습입니다.

    자신의 몸도 보호하고, 친구의 몸도 보호할 수 있도록
    서로 떨어져서 줄넘기를 했습니다.
    원래 잘 하던 어린이도 다른 친구들 앞에서 하니 떨리고 긴장되어 못 한 것 같다고 합니다.
    하지만 아주 재미있게 잘 하고 있지요?

  • 한영유치원 무지개반 1주차 활동입니다~

    우주에서는 어떻게 걸을까?
    유아들과 곰처럼 걷기, 게처럼 걷기를 해보았습니다.
    힘들었지만 건강해지는 기분이었어요~

  • 한영유치원 달님반 1주차 활동입니다.

    모두들 흥미를 가지고 열심히 잘 하였습니다.

  • 한영유치원 달님반 1주차 활동입니다.

    모두들 열심히 잘 했습니다.

  • 1주차 우주에서는 어떻게 걸을까?

    동영상을 보고, 우주에서의 움직임을 게임을 통해 나타냈어요.

  • 우주에서는 어떻게 걸을까? (해님반)

    곰처럼 걸어요 게임을 하고 있습니다.
    규칙도 잘 지키고, 열심히 게임해서 스스로에게 100점을 주었답니다.
    근력운동과 조정력을 길러 우주비행사처럼 힘을 기르겠습니다.

  • 한영유치원 별님반 1주차 활동

    우주인들처럼 곰걸음, 게걸음을 배우고 게임을 해보았어요.
    팔과 다리가 아팠지만 더 튼튼해진 느낌이었어요.

  • 한영유치원 별님반 1주차 활동

    우주인들처럼 곰걸음, 게걸음을 배우고 게임을 해보았어요.
    팔과 다리가 아팠지만 더 튼튼해진 느낌이었어요.

  • Team Chile and Team Korea - EARLY CHALLENGE!!

    Hello, Team Korea and Team Chile!! We made this short video to kick-off the Mission X 2015 Early Challenge! Mission X involves people from around the world and featured in this video are two women who are key to Mission X.

    Nubia Carvajal, our very own Mission X coordinator is from Santiago, Chile. Hyang Lloyd, a former underwater videographer at NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory is from Seoul, Korea. We hope you enjoy the video of these two ladies wishing teams in both countries all the best in the very first Early Challenge for Mission X!

    We will all Train Like Astronauts with you as you help prepare Astro Charlie for his trip to the moon. From all of us at Mission X, Go Team Korea and Team Chile!!

  • Early Challenge... Go Team Korea and Team Chile!!

    The Early Challenge is now underway! We wanted to send a fun message to encourage the students of Team Chile and Team Korea to get Astro Charlie all the way around the Earth to prepare him for liftoff to space. Your effort is important to his success, so start submitting points and watch Charlie move around the Earth as you have fun and Train Like Astronauts! GO MISSION X!!!!

  • Go Early Challengers!

    Astro Charlie

    Astro Charlie is eager to get his Training underway and see the World as he trains for his mission in January 2015. He needs your help to get physically fit and learn about making healthly food choices. The more each of you work on the train like an astronaut activities the more Astro CHARLIE will learn right along with you. We cannot wait to see Team Chile and Team Korea blogs about your experiences working on the Mission X Early Challenge.
    Best of Luck!

  • Mission X 2014 Closing Event

    Mission X - Train like an Astronaut Portugal

    9 May, Lisbon - Pavilion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva
    285 Students | 20 Teachers
    - Science Shows
    - Scientific and Sports activities
    - Talks/debates with experts in sport, nutrition and healthy life styles

  • Mission X UK Seeks Astronaut Class of 2015

    Mission X UK

    Help recruit the UK Astronaut Class of 2015. We are recruiting the biggest astronaut class ever. Our target is to have 220 schools and 11000 young people taking part in Mission X! To be part of Mission X 2015 and train alongside astronaut Tim Peake register on this website using the log in button above. You can register from October 6 2014. We will then email you with a welcome to Team UK and explain the support that you can expect from the UK Space Agency and give you ideas on how you can deliver Mission X in your schools. Please invite other local schools to take part – the more schools in a locality, the more opportunity there is to organise teacher training and other special events! Contact to pre-register and keep an eye on for resources and diary dates.

  • Preparing for Mission X 2015

    Idea for eBadges

    The NASA Team is busy working on updates to the website and new eBadges. Here is a fun image.

  • Mission X 2015 A New Frontier!

    Pictures from the House of Commons, England, UK

    This is a very exciting time with everything changing. Everyday in Everyway I must surely be getting BETTER!

  • Expresión y Formación en Competencias Ciudadanas

    El Equipo Astroneruda logró una mejor comunicación, comunicación asertiva y facilidad para expresarse, mediante la realización de las misiones que alcanzamos a realizar. Mejoró su expresión escrita consignando en el Diario de la Misión y socializando a sus compañeros estos escritos, que reflejan los sentires, expectativas y alegrías vividas durante la Misión X.


    Continuación de la misión Huesos vivos, huesos fuertes. Las tripulantes del Equipo Astroneruda comprendieron la necesidad de hacer ejercicio diariamente y tener una dieta balanceada. Durante los días de desarrollo de la misión, hicieron varias hipótesis de cómo construir un modelo de hueso que soporte el mayor peso posible y construyeron sus modelos en cartón, yeso, botellas de plástico y yeso.


    Esta misión se desarrolló en el laboratorio del colegio. Los tripulantes del Equipo Astroneruda cumplieron en su mayoría con las normas de seguridad y los materiales solicitados. Identificaron maneras de mantener los huesos sanos y fuertes, además con la construcción de modelos óseos observaron los efectos de la gravedad reducida.

  • Energía de un Astronauta

    El trabajo en Equipo, la colaboración, el respeto a la palabra del otro y la cooperación, fueron las vivencias durante el entrenamiento en la alimentación que debe tener un astronauta para conservarse en buenas condiciones en el espacio.

  • Astro recorrido de agilidad

    Subimos nuevamente el reporte. En esta ocasión el Equipo Astroneruda demostró su agilidad y concentración haciendo el recorrido con rapidez y precisión para mejorar la coordinación, destreza y velocidad.

  • Saltar a la Luna

    Subimos nuevamente las fotos. Los tripulantes del Equipo Astroneruda siguen realizando su entrenamiento motivados y felices, esta vez saltaron a la Luna con cuerdas individuales para aumentar la resistencia ósea y mejorar la resistencia del corazón y los músculos.

  • Experiencia Espacial

    Experiencia Espacial Aceleracion

    La tripulación Astroneruda desarrolló la Experiencia Espacial con alegría y en respeto por las diferencias. Tomaron los tiempos de sus compañeros y realizaron la totalidad de los ejercicios muy bien.

  • -[ Space Pi Si ]- Living Bones, Strong Bones - Special Edition

    Am letzten Tag von Mission X herrschte bei uns große Aufregung. Wir feierten Purim und die ganze Volksschule war verkleidet.
    Wir haben jedoch unseren Auftrag sehr ernst genommen und während andere spielten und tanzten, verwandelten wir uns gleich ein zweites Mal. Und zwar in einen Haufen etwas eigenartiger aber sehr liebenswerter und kluger Wissenschafter und Wissenschafterinnen.

    Was dabei herausgekommen ist, könnt ihr hier sehen :)!

  • Entrenamiento de Fuerza Física para la Misión

    Desarrollo de fuerza física para la tripulación del Equipo Astroneruda

    Nuevamente subimos las fotos. Los tripulantes del Equipo Astroneruda estuvieron muy entusiasmados haciendo el entrenamiento para desarrollar la fuerza de sus músculos y para tener huesos fuertes. En esta actividad nos colaboró el docente de educación física.

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