Des nouvelles de Mission X

  • St Chads Space Warriors had a whole school super learning day to launch our Mission X project

    On Monday the 16th January, St Chads RC Primary School , from Cheetham Hill in Manchester had an out of this world experience when they came off timetable to have a whole school Mission X day.
    To make it extra special the whole day was led by pupils in year 5 and 6 teaching the rest of the school about how to train like an astronaut.
    We even dressed up as our favourite space alien.
    We completed 8 missions including Peake Lift Off, Mission Control, Jump for the Moon, Speed of light,Crew Assembly, Build an Astronaut Core,Agility Astro course and finally Strong Bones.
    In addition to the above missions, pupils also completed space maths problems, did singing and dancing, made rockets and UFO's ,learnt about Neil Armstrong, made their own fact files about the solar system and finally some space art.
    In the afternoon we also has an amazing, unforgettable experience when we had the oppourtunity to Skype with Scott and Nubia at NASA .

  • The Pathfinders - Verlust des Trainingslagers

    Logbucheintrag: 02 Sternzeit: 18. Jänner 2017
    φ 46.6813 λ 14.2274
    Mrs commander SPIRIT:
    In unserer Abwesenheit haben gewaltige fremde Kräfte unser Basistrainingslager zerstört und wir machten uns auf die Suche nach neuen Trainingsgebieten auf.

  • La tête dans les étoiles

    Et si l'iss n'était pas si loin..... (peut-être à Saint-Rémy)
    Quelques matériaux de récupération et le tour est joué!
    On retourne à nos entraînements ;-)!!!
    Les cm1 de Jean Moulin

  • Primary School of Kato Souli Marathon GREECE

    Hello from the historic Marathon and Primary School of Kato Souli.
    We have start our training for astronauts, adapted physical activity strategies and we hope some day we will be in the crew of Nasa, at least one of us!!!

    We have learn some things about the nutrition, the pyramid, balanced meals and health needs.
    Also we have start our Crew Strength Training by learning how to perform body-weight squats!!!

    We will come back with a new report of our achievements!!!

  • Die Sterngucker starten - der Countdown läuft

    16.1.2017 - Weiß bedeckt ist der Schulhof. Mit Riesenschritten starten die Sterngucker im weichen Schnee. Das Training kann beginnen.

  • 6ième Verte mission X team

    Et c'est parti pour notre équipe bretonne! Nous découvrons le métier d'astronaute en suivant le parcours de Thomas Pesquet. Très prochainement, après une visite virtuelle de la Station Spatiale Internationale (via une vidéo), nous nous lancerons dans l'activité "l'énergie d'un astronaute" en cours d'SVT. Nous avons déjà commencé notre préparation physique en cours d'EPS... Photos à suivre...
    Bonne chance à tous!

    Good luck everyone!

    La 6ième Verte

  • 17 Primary school of Agrinio. Hydration Station.

    Students completed the Sample Hydration Web and played the Astronaut Game.Through these activities they learned the importance of hydration and how it influences the function of the vital organs of our body.

  • Astro Charlie är på väg!

    Astro Charlie har börjat sin promenad för att nå månen! Titta här så får du se

    Team Sweden har nästan 600 elever som vill träna hårt och lära sig mycket mer om rymden! Eleverna kommer från Klöverträsk skola, Marmorbyns skola, Näsvikens skola, Ormbergsskolan, Skrylleängs Montessoriskola, Swedish School in London, Sätra skola, Tjärnaskolan, Viaskolan, Victoriaskolan och Vittra Vallentuna.

    Det blir spännande att följa er alla här på bloggen!
    Träna som en astronaut!

    Teknikens Hus

  • Stargate - Primary school of Eleochori

    Hello to everybody from elementary school of eleochori and specially from the Stargaters!!! It’s nice to be with you, with all astronaut team. We are sending our best regards and let you know that we will help you to accomplish as much space steps as you can.

    Stargate is here!!!

  • Spaceshuttlekids started

    3,2,1,0..... Mission X started! The Spaceshuttlekids from Marz/Austria are ready to train like the astronauts together with Astro Charlie.
    After the introduction of the mission all the little "pre-astronauts" wanted to train their bodies - so we had a first lesson for the control of the body in the gym! That was really great! Next very interesting point is the solar-system - and we are still at work....

  • The Pathfinders - Raketenkonstrukteure

    Logbucheintrag: 01 Sternzeit: 17. Jänner 2017
    φ 46.6813 λ 14.2274
    Mrs commander SPIRIT:
    LIFTOFF: Um unsere Mission „Gemeinsam zum Mond“ durchführen zu können, konstruierten unsere Techniker Raketen und Raumgleiter. Der gemeinsame Countdown wurde vor unserer Basisstation durchgeführt.

  • snoopies crew on the run

    snoopies like to run!

    snoopies like to run!
    So we first started our training inside with 100m sprints and 100m walks repeating in four sets.
    Around midday sun came out and we messured 200m in a garden close to our school. Temperatures outside were around 2°celsius.
    We started walking the distance two times, after a short pause the crew got into a light jogging mood for the 4oom distance.
    Fresh air and physical activity got us all into a positive motivation. We did it all!

  • Faster than the speed of light

    The BNA participated in their second astronaut training activity, which was the speed of light, testing their reflex and reaction speeds. Children tested their reaction times by dropping a ruler for their partner to grip and then recording these measurements into a table. The children discussed their results and identified that generally their reaction times improved and reasons for this. They enjoyed the activity and took spare recording sheets home to test their relatives.

    "To be an astronough you have to have quick reflexes to be able to deal with problems when they arise," stated Morgan Curtler.

    "Cole got better as he got used to the reaction test and knew what to expect," explained Lily G.

  • Mission status

    Just a shout out to say we are so excited to finally start. Kids are back at school tomorrow so we are go! Will keep posting updates hopefully very soon. Good luck to all and loving the posts already which is even more inspiring and motivational.

  • De la forêt profonde amazonienne à la conquête de l'espace - Desde la selva profunda hacia la conquista del espacio - from Rain Forest to Space Conquest: Base return - C амазонкой лесу до покорения космоса !

    Team A et B

    Ça y est, le « X Mission Team » de Trois Palétuviers est en ordre de marche. Les élèves et le Commandant de bord ont choisi de s'inspirer du film « l'étoffe des héros » (The Right Stuff, film américain de Philip Kaufman, sorti en 1983) pour s'approprier cette mission eXplore.

    Nos élèves sont des Amérindiens de la forêt d'Amazonie, ils savent s'adapter depuis des temps immémoriaux à toutes les conditions. Et les entrainements pour souder une équipe de l'espace sont pris très au sérieux.

    Mais comme ils restent également des enfants, et comme ce sont des élèves avec du potentiel, ils savent aussi ne pas trop se prendre au sérieux. Mais je vous invite à découvrir notre école et nos activités.

    Team A Team A et B Team A
  • First Day for Mission X - First Day Outside

    It is been very cold here in Minnesota and we were glad to finally get outside to walk today. For our introduction day we walked a cumulative 10, 552 steps in our 10 minutes outside! Next meeting we will focus on one of the missions to help with steps toward the moon!

  • ROCKETKIDS3B - Es geht los!

    Das Team ROCKETKIDS3B startet mit der Aktivierung des Vorwissens zum Thema "Astronauten" sowie mit einer Vorschau auf die verschiedenen Missionen.

  • Liftoff

    Computerlogbuch – Missionteam:
    The Pathfinders

    Der Weltraum. Unendliche Weiten. Wir schreiben das Jahr 2017. Dies sind die Abenteuer der Crew „The Pathfinders“, die von der Sternenflotte der „VS 22 Ponfeld“ für 13 Wochen ausgeschickt wird, um neue Welten zu erforschen, 19 Missionen durchzuführen und sich unbekannten Herausforderungen im Team zu stellen. Mit an Bord ist ein ausgewähltes Forscherteam.

    Logbucheintrag: 0 Sternzeit: 13. Jänner 2017
    φ 48.22644524 λ 16.36390507
    Mrs commander SPIRIT:
    Erste Kontaktaufnahme mit der Basisstation und dem Supportteam. Instruktionen und Mission-Aufträge entgegengenommen. Auf weitere Trainingsteams aus unserer Galaxie gestoßen.

  • Energy of An Astronaut

    Here we are checking out our snacks and lunch in Energy of An Astronaut. The kids are VERY excited about tracking every single bit of exercise they participate in each week. They wanted to count, gym time, basketball, hockey, dance, and football. Others are planning to just add some additional exercise to their day. This is such an awesome way of motivating the kids to be active!

  • Space Walk Back

    We all completed laps of our playground for task 1. Four of our team completed 1 miles continuously and went on to the accelerated fitness challenge. We had the goal of 12 laps and most people got 10 or more. We recorded our results in our Mission journals.

    We would like to know how other people are getting on.
    Team KP6

  • training reflexes

    This was a nice training and usefull for the concentration. Some of us continue to practice the rest of the week. No flying glass will fall from our hads after this training! Some tryed in the elevator... and it was harder.

  • Off we go

    We start our missions in 2017, hoping one day one of us will actually go visit our space! It was not so easy... need to be in a better shape, but the effort made was good.


    Raketenstart-Mission X-VS-LOHNSBURG

    Vorstellen des Projektes "Mission X"
    Motivation der Kinder: Gestalten einer ca. 6m langen Rakete aus Papier mit anschließendem Gruppenfoto.
    Fiktiver Countdown und Start unserer Rakete und somit unserer Mission X.
    Montage des Plakates als Blickfang an der Wand vor der Klasse.

  • Mission X : nous voici !

    Hello everybody ,

    We are a class of french teenagers and we are going to learn some new and interesting things with our teacher and Mission X !
    See you soon for our first mission.
    L'arche des étoiles and Mme Cazelles

  • Potton Pilots!

    Hi All!!
    Potton Lower School, Bedfordshire, reporting for duty. We began our mission by completing the Astro Agility Course. The team of Year 4 students created the course and enjoyed participating, trying to beat their own score each time (and each others!) The children noted the effects on their body that the exercise was happening and thought about why astronauts need to be so fit and healthy!

    We are running an astronaut training club each Monday which is lead by one of the year 4 students herself.

    Commander Sefton and the Potton Pilots

  • Speed Of Light-Evington Astronauts

    We had a great time during this activity. It was fascinating to see how our reaction times varied, regardless of gender, age and size! We noted that practise improved our scores and we had fun calculating our mean averages. Great Teamwork Evington Astronauts! Mission X has begun!

  • Taste in Space_Mannoni X

    Logramos conocer e identificar nuestros sentidos, pero sobre todo el del gusto.

    Nos hicimos varias interrogantes sobre ¿Cómo identifican el sabor los astronautas?, para lo cual investigamos las partes de la lengua, vimos el video Taste in Space y realizamos un experimento.

    Este experimento nos gusto mucho, ya que no sabias que sabores íbamos a saborear !!!

    Go Mission X !!

  • Living Bones Strong Bones_Mannoni X

    Living Bones Strong Bones, will hope us to train like an astronaut !!!!

    Equipo Mannoni X, realizo Huesos Vivos, Huesos Fuertes, donde diseñamos un modelo oseo, conocemos los componentes de los huesos, enfatizamos en la buena alimentación para unos huesos saludables, sin olvidar la importancia que tienen para que realicemos la mayoría de nuestras acciones.

    Al poder observar el hueso de pollo y compararlo con el de un humano, nos permite crear una experiencias significativa para los astronautas, además divirtiéndonos con la resistencia de nuestros modelos oseos.

    Go Mission X !!!

  • Mannoni X_Rodar y Rodar en el Espacio!

    Durante esta actividad los integrantes de Mannoni X adquirieron una gran seguridad, y habilidad para poder realizar las marometas, los saltos y sobre todo perder el miedo para saltar por un aro; el desafío fue grande pero los chicos demostraron su gran capacidad de aprender y de querer mantenerse saludables. Seguimos en el camino de esta gran aventura y nos falta bastante todavia!

    Go mission X !

  • La Noche de las Estrellas 2016 - UNAM

    En el Colegio Maud Mannoni estamos convencidos que cada viaje es una oportunidad de crear grandes experiencias y adquirir nuevos aprendizajes; por lo cual asistimos a la edición del 2016 de "La Noche de las Estrellas", que es un evento que organiza el Instituto de Astronomía de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, donde aprendimos sobre la contaminación lumínica, como hacer un telescopio y logramos disfrutar de las maravillas que ofrece observar la Luna por medio del telescopio; además aprovechamos la oportunidad de conocer la Coordinadora de Misión X México, la Física Laura Parrao, que estuvo presente en el stan de Misión X.

    Gracias por la oportunidad y de los conocimientos que nos permiten adquirir.

    Go Mission X

  • Gravedad encontraras_ Mannoni X

    Masa la tiene toda la materia, pero hay una gran diferencia entre masa y peso; pero es lo que nos atrae al centro de la tierra por la gravedad !!

    Esto fue lo que aprendimos durante la actividad que realizamos en el Rubens, grandes momentos de diversión y risa obtuvimos cuando lanzábamos la pelota entre los pies de nuestros compañeros.

    En el Equipo Mannoni X, siempre intentamos motivar y crear un mayor interés en las actividades para que nuestros mini astronautas lo disfruten y aprendan al máximo.

    Go Mission X

  • Mannoni X_Velocidad de la Luz

    Los integrantes de Mannoni X, realizaron la actividad en colaborativo, donde disfrutamos mucho el poder desafiar nuestros reflejos y aún más el de nuestro compañero, logramos grandes avances a la velocidad de la luz !!

    Go Mission X !

  • Misión Control_Mannoni X

    Durante esta actividad identificamos nuestras áreas de oportunidad para mantener el control y coordinación de nuestro cuerpo, por lo cual realizamos varios ejercicios para poder trabajar mente y cuerpo al mismo tiempo.

    Fue bastante interesante el poder sostener la pelota, aventarla y volver a cacharla sin caernos y sin bajar el pie, nos divertimos bastante !!!

    Go Mission X !

  • Energy Of an Astronaut

    Equipo Mannoni X aprendió la importancia de tener una dieta balanceada, realizamos dietas para satisfacer nuestro requerimiento calorico, realizamos nuestra pirámide alimenticia y por equipos identificamos los carbohidratos, proteínas y lipidos.

    Go Mission X !!

  • Salto a la Luna Mannoni X

    El equipo Mannoni X, realizo una de las actividades que requieren de esfuerzo, perseverancia y dedicación.
    En "Salto a la Luna", los integrantes del equipo aprendieron la importancia de poder saltar correctamente, para poder realizar un ejercicio adecuado, y sobre todo los beneficios que se tienen para la salud.
    De igual manera recalcamos que en la Luna no se camina, sino se salta !!!

    Sin olvidarnos de la diversión de aprender ser astronautas.

    Go Mission X !

    See video
  • "Rain Forest X Team": prêt, ready, esta, готов

    Rain Forest X Team, 2017

    Le « Rain Forest Xteam 2017 » est prêt pour le challenge Mission eXplore 2017. Vivement lundi !

    « Rain Forest Xteam 2017 » ready to go for Tranlikeastronaut challenge. Deeply monday...

    La "Rain Forest Xteam 2017 " está lista para el reto Misión eXplore 2017. Lunes …

    "Rain Forest Xteam 2017 " готов для научного вызова Mиссия исследовать 2017. Cильно в понедельник !

  • Lift off!

    The BNA (Bishops Nympton Astronauts) blasted off into mission X this week as we completed our crew strength training challenge. Our space enthusiasts soon became focussed on the task ahead as they squatted and press upped their way through their astronaut training. All participants gave 100 % effort with the exercises and are now fully aware of why we need to develop our upper and lower body strength if we want to stay fit and healthy and further our chance of becoming an astronaut.

    Well done team!


    sit and reach flexibility test

    In preparation of Mission X we had a fitness test today. We tested our:
    * strength
    * flexibility
    * speed
    * stamina
    We have recorded our results in our mission journals. This will help us compare our fitness levels afterwards

    grip strength speed jump
  • Base Station walkback

    Along with the groups in Team TRC we walked 4 laps around the 1st floor hallway. They Also did a baton and ball pass to practice on their coordination. The Group seemed to enjoy themselves and were somewhat taken aback when the time was over. Looking forward to next week.

  • Hello from Oklahoma, USA!

    The Bethany Bronchos are new to Mission X, but our fifth-graders are very excited to get started earning points next week!

    We would also love to connect with at least one school from another country that is participating in Mission X. If you are a teacher from a participating school and would like to connect via mail, Skype, or video exchange, please respond.

    Good Luck and have fun, everyone!

    Andrea Stewart
    Team Leader
    Earl Harris Elementary
    Bethany, Oklahoma, USA

  • And we're off!

    Beyond Infinity here reporting for Mission X. We have just joined and we are very excited about taking part with you all. The Beyond Infinity astronaut team are not the healthiest bunch on planet Earth. Before we start any mission, we have decided to record our diet and exercise over the next week. Hopefully, at the end of the missions, Beyond Infinity will have seen a significant improvement in their eating and exercise habits!

    Beyond Infinity signing out for now.

  • The Mission

    Our team are new to Mission X and we are very excited to get underway. We look forward to reading everyone's blogs and hearing how you are all getting on. And perhaps asking you to lend a hand if we need it!
    KP6 - Kingcase Primary P6

  • Little Greek astronauts - 17th Primary School of Agrinio

    Hello from Agrinio Greece!
    Happy New Year to everybody! We hope this is a creative year, full of activities and excitement!!!
    We are sooooo excited to be starting this mission and we are looking forward to it!!!!
    See you soon,
    Little Greek astronauts
    17th primary school team of Agrinio

  • Major Tom's Team is Ready!

    Major Tom's Team

    We are ready to begin our challenge! Can't wait to join all of the other amazing USA Teams in a new adventure!!!!

  • Hello Team Canada !!!

    Hi my name is DJ,
    I am very excited to be a part of Mission X - 2017 !! Thank you for having me on Team Canada. I want to learn lots about how to train like and one day become an astronaut!

  • Nous recherchons de nouveaux participants pour 2017


    L'équipe du Canada vous souhaite une bonne année 2017.

    Nous recherchons de nouvelles équipes canadiennes pour agrandir notre participation au projet.
    Si vous travaillez dans une école, êtes enseignant-éducateur, responsable d'un service de garde ou parent-enseignant, vous pouvez vous inscrire gratuitement en demandant le code de registration à notre Country Lead. Nous pouvons répondre à vos questions en français ou en anglais.

    En vous souhaitant le meilleur,
    Les responsables de l'équipe du Canada
    Team Canada

  • Looking for new classes and participants


    Team Canada wishes you a Happy New Year 2017.
    We are looking for new participants for Mission X - Train like an astronaut.
    If you are working in a school, or if you are a teacher, educator, or a parent-teacher, please ask your free registration code to our Country Lead.

    All the best,
    Team Canada

  • Спретност и брзина

    Наша задња активност у овој години била је полигон спретности и брзине. Ученици 6/3 ОШ "Чегар" из Ниша су се такмичили ко ће за краће време истрчати полигон.

    See video
  • Координација

    Координација и флексибилност покрета за бестежинско стање.

    See video
  • 跳向月球-老梅國小


    See video

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