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Italian News

  • Energetic Astronauts!

    The Food Pyramid!

    The Italian Space Cadets discovered that the most important spacecraft is....themselves! They learned that fuel for your bodies is called calories and you get them from food and drinks. They also studied the Food Pyramid, a flexible guide to a healthy and balanced diet. They made a class food pyramid and wrote a personalised ideal food plan.
    Now in the canteen, the Cadets are supporting each other to make sure they consume the right amount of food from the pyramid shelves.

    Watch out everyone! With the right amount of rocket fuel in their spacecrafts, those Cadets will RACE to the MOON!

    Go Mission X Italy!
    Go the Italian Space Cadets!

  • Welcome back to Earth Paolo!

    Italian Astronauts Paolo Nespoli, Samantha Cristoforetti and Luca Parmitano

    Ciao Paolo Nespoli!
    Welcome back to Earth!
    We are so incredibly proud of you and all that you accomplished with Missione Vita.
    The Italian Space Cadets monitored your work on the ISS and often watched you and your crew fly over Trento, Italy. We watched you in our classroom as you landed back on Earth with the Soyuz! What a ride! We cheered when you came out!

    Keep up the great work and thanks a million for inspiring us!
    The Italian Space Cadets.

  • Crew Strength Training! What a workout!

    The Italian Space Cadets ready for action!

    Nothing can stop those determined Italian Space Cadets!

    The temperature in Trento, Italy is dropping. There is snow on the surrounding mountains, but the sweat and strength of the Cadets is unstoppable and the heat in the school gym is going up!

    The Cadets did many body weight squats, push ups and played tug-o-war to build up their upper and lower body strength. They learned about repetitions, what a crew is and about microgravity's negative impact on muscle tone.

    Giorgio, Paula and Vittorio were so exceptionally strong they even had a competition with the teacher! All three were the winners, the teacher wasn't as strong as them!

    Keep up the great work! Paolo Nespoli must be very proud of you all!
    Go Mission X Italy! Go the Italian Space Cadet!

    Body weight squats! Push up's! Oh yeah! tug-o-war! Who is stronger?
  • Dizziness Experiment!

    Along with the Space Rock 'n Roll activity, the Italian Space Cadets have been hard at work... getting dizzy!!

    Astronauts can feel quite dizzy when they first arrive on the ISS. Its because their bodies need 24 to 48 hours to find new ways to control itself and adapt to life in a micro gravity environment.

    The outstanding ESA astronaut Tim Peake did a great dizziness experiment up in the ISS. With the help of a fellow astronaut, he did an infinite amount of super fast sommersaults and got dizzy to test how long it takes to recover from dizziness in Space. He recovered really fast!

    So, what did the Italian Space Cadets do... they did the experiment too...but here on Earth!

    Following the steps of Scientific Method, they asked they same questions as Tim Peake 'Can I make myself dizzy? How quickly can I recover? Does it make me feel unwell?'

  • The Italian Space Rock 'n Rollers!

    Well, the Italian Space Cadets have been having a rock 'n rolling good time! They have been doing beginner, intermediate and advanced sommersaults all the way down the length of the school gym! They have been rolling through hula hoops and inventing some other very creative ways to roll! Lots of fun and hardwork. Due to the gravity here on Earth, you really have to use you abdominal muscles, your legs and bend your back to make your sommersaults spectacular.

    One thing is certain, those Astronauts must have a lot of fun doing amazing sommersaults in space! It's worth the crazy roller coaster ride on the Soyuz there and back to get the opportunity to do fun sommersaults in the ISS!