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Per ulteriori informazioni su quanto la NASA sta facendo per divulgare tra gli studenti il volo spaziale abitato, consultare il sito

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  • Base Station Walkback

    Hoover ball play

    What we did was 2 different activities for our Participants A Relay type race with some adapted pool noodles (coordination). The Hula hops were placed on the floor (4 of them) and we had the participants throw a med sized ball to each other with out coming out of the circle (coordination and balance).
    Then with some free time a group of individuals kicked a hover ball and 2 bounced a ball peer to peer.

  • Celebrated 100th Day of School Training Like An Astronaut

    Roadrunners celebrated our 100th Day of School by participating in some of the Mission X Challenges. The students had so much fun and got a great workout, This year we added 3rd graders to our team and they are super excited to learn about how astronauts stay healthy and fit!

  • Building an Astronaut "Core"

    Mission X

    Bonner Tigers from the 3rd grade were excited to begin training this week for Mission X 2016! Students enjoyed playing the role of the commander and the astronaut during the "Commander Crunches" activity. See them building their "Astronaut Core" here!

    Commander Crunches
  • Pilot Plank Challenge

    Pilot Planks

    Bonner Tigers from the 4th grade were excited to begin training this week for Mission X 2016! Students enjoyed participating in a pilot plank challenge. See them building their "Astronaut Core" here!

  • Pilot Planks with Astro Charlie

    Pilot Planks

    Howdy from Houston, TX! 5th grade students at Bonner Elementary were excited to kick off Mission X 2016 this week! Students are working hard to improve their muscular strength and endurance by completing Pilot Planks with Astro Charlie! GO MISSION X!