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Per ulteriori informazioni su quanto la NASA sta facendo per divulgare tra gli studenti il volo spaziale abitato, consultare il sito

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  • TRC Team Resource X

    Our Saturday Respite group had a lot of fun completing Jump for the Moon! We also took alot of pictures of what we would look like as an astronaut. We're having fun keeping fit and training like an astronaut!

  • Satellite repair!

    Satellite repair

    Heights Elementary kindergarten students are seen working very hard trying to repair a satellite with a broken solar array. As seen in these photos, the students must work together to help resolve the issue by re-attaching the satellite cable connections. With much patience and hard work, the mission for the kindergarten was deemed a true success by mission control....

    Way to go, kindergarten!!!!!
    Go Mission X!!!

    Repaired solar battery Teamwork!
  • Jump for the Moon

    This mission was a struggle for my students. I guess we will need to jump rope more frequently. Any suggestions to get them to be able to last the entire time.

  • Heights Elementary Classrooms Celebrate Orion

    Astronaut Door

    Classroom teachers helped to celebrate Orion spacecraft launch in early December.
    The doors were decorated to honor the flight of the new NASA spacecraft, and we watched live on our computers!

    Go Orion!
  • SoyuzTMA lands in Siberia

    Building the shelter

    We worked very hard to "cross icy streams and deep snow drifts" in order to reach our parachute "shelter".
    In addition to being physically fit, it is important for the Eaglets to work as a team to solve problems and to overcome real life obstacles, We had a great sense of accomplishment after building a safe shelter!

    De orbit briefing