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Per ulteriori informazioni su quanto la NASA sta facendo per divulgare tra gli studenti il volo spaziale abitato, consultare il sito

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  • Getting Ready for Closing Event Webcast


    Team USA Sharon is very busy getting ready for tomorrow's webcast!

    The banners seen in our gym wished a Happy Birthday to our friend Yamil Garcia, astronaut trainer and Mission X expert! Despite turning a year older, rumors have it that he is still "as quick as lightning" and a very Groovy Guy!

    Best Wishes and Happy Birthday from Team USA Sharon!!!!!

  • Preparing for the closing ceremony

    Students designing their team banner

    It's hard to believe the season is coming to an end. We have all learned a lot. As we are getting ready for the closing ceremony, the students are preparing their team banner. Before making the banner, they worked together as a team to design it. Working together as a team to accomplish a goal - I'd say the Mission X program has had an impact on them!

  • East Explorers Post-Flight Briefing

    East crew assembly

    The East Explorers junior astronauts have completed their Mission X training and Houston is very pleased with their effort and hard work! We have done our part as members of Team USA Sharon to successfully propel "Astro Charlie" to the moon. Our grades 3-5 students have enjoyed 8 new missions that tested their strength, agility, dexterity and teamwork. Students warmed up each class by working on abdominal strength activities to strengthen their Astronaut Core and completed the Astro Agility Course to develop speed and the ability to change directions quickly. At our Climb a Martian Mountain Obstacle Course students attempted a variety of climbing challenges and performed Space Rolls to mimic the low gravity environment of space.

    Speed of Light Space Rolls Get on their Space Bicycle
  • Team USA Sharon Cottage St Cougars Report

    Cougars 1

    For the MX Base Station Walk we played "Beat the Astronaut" to test the theory with regard to lung, heart and muscle endurance. Mr.D and Mr. M set the challenge, all Cougars versus one astronaut. All students wore pedometers to see if we could accumulate enough steps to reach the 6.2 mile distance that it would take for an astronaut to return to the base station. We started out jogging, then stopped along the way to perform muscle-strengthening exercises-jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups and feet agility drills. Later, we played "Asteroids" and "Alien Tag", using different movement modes throughout the games. At the end of class, we turned in the pedometers and recorded the number of steps taken.We calculated all the steps taken for the classes and converted them into miles. In the end, one thing was certain-we were exhausted!

    Cougars2 Cougars3 Cougars4
  • East Explorers Enjoy MX 2013!

    Climbing a Martian mountain

    Here are the East Explorers of Team USA Sharon, Massachusetts enjoying Week 1 Activities of Mission X.The East Explorers make up three of Team USA Sharon Teams, with 3 teams each from Cottage St School and Heights Elementary rounding out the approximately 750 students of Team USA Sharon! All of our district 3,4 and 5th grades participate in the program during physical education class.

    Here you will see the kids taking part in MX 2013 activities under the direction of Mr. Brooks and Mr. Monahan. Very creative challenges, indeed!

    Go Mission X!
    Go East Explorers!
    Go Team USA!!!!!

    Space walk with obstacle! Mission Control Strength training"Pull! Pul! Pull"!!!!!!!!