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  • Leave no man behind!

    While performing the mile run for Base Station Walk Back, two students who had already finished decided to do an extra lap to encourage a fellow student who was at the tail end. They helped him finish, thus having the entire class finish in the designated time I gave them. So proud of my little "Astronauts". They are working hard and enjoying it!

  • Mission X Newbies

    This is our first time participating in Mission X and so far the students are loving it. This week we are doing Crew Strength Training and the kids claim I am torturing them! Haha, but they are smiling the entire time! In two weeks we are going to do our annual Jump Rope for Heart and we will incorporate Jump for the Moon into our event.

  • Resource X update

    First day of mission X here at the Saturday respit for the resource center of Jamestown, NY. All the kids had a blast and completed several activities today. We learned about the importance of stretching before our challenges and made several goals to meet before the end of the challenge. A great start to the 2015 program.

  • More Tigers Crew Strength Training

    Our fourth graders got busy today improving muscular strength! They were excited to train like an astronaut by performing push-ups and squats which will help to increase their fitness test scores in the future.

  • Crew Strength Training

    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Exercise

    We combined completing our sport stacking unit with starting Mission X. We used StackSpots for exercises and alternated with stacking activities. Kids played Rock, Paper, Scissors with a classmate. The winner could then go exercise or stack (had to alternate each time they won from stacking to exercising and back again). The person who lost played Rock, Paper, Scissors until they won and could go exercise. We did this for the duration of 3 songs so that students got in multiple visits to each exercise station. Each student had to do the same number of repetitions as their age each time they visited a strength training station. We then all did squats for the Fitness Acceleration.

    Crew Strength Training StackSpots