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Per ulteriori informazioni su quanto la NASA sta facendo per divulgare tra gli studenti il volo spaziale abitato, consultare il sito

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  • Crew Strength Training

    Third graders at Bonner Elementary are excited to kick off Mission X 2015 with Crew Strength Training. GO TIGERS ! GO Mission X!!

  • Welcome to Mission X 2015

    A mockup of the International Space Station Cupola

    Dear all Mission X 2015 Teams and Sites. The website has some new look, as well as a new educational activity called Taste in Space. We hope you will be able to try both activities for the classroom and the gym. Staying active, striving to live a healthly lifestyle and even learn a little about human space exploration. I recommend that one of your first steps is to get logged on to the site and try to blog just like me. We really appreciate your efforts to share with us here at NASA. GO MISSION X!!! Here is a cool picture I took of a mockup of the Space Station Cupola with my family looking back at me.

  • Go Early Challengers!

    Astro Charlie

    Astro Charlie is eager to get his Training underway and see the World as he trains for his mission in January 2015. He needs your help to get physically fit and learn about making healthly food choices. The more each of you work on the train like an astronaut activities the more Astro CHARLIE will learn right along with you. We cannot wait to see Team Chile and Team Korea blogs about your experiences working on the Mission X Early Challenge.
    Best of Luck!

  • Preparing for Mission X 2015

    Idea for eBadges

    The NASA Team is busy working on updates to the website and new eBadges. Here is a fun image.

  • Mission X 2015 A New Frontier!

    Pictures from the House of Commons, England, UK

    This is a very exciting time with everything changing. Everyday in Everyway I must surely be getting BETTER!