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Stati Uniti d'America

Per ulteriori informazioni su quanto la NASA sta facendo per divulgare tra gli studenti il volo spaziale abitato, consultare il sito

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  • Student introduction to Mission X

    In this video I am providing our 2nd Grade scholars with an overview on the Train Like An Astronaut program. Students are excited and really to participate. Sorry I'm late with this video.

  • Crew Assembly-3D Printing

    3D by hand

    The USA Eaglets practiced their dexterity and eye/hand coordination training by "repairing a 3D printer", that is, assembling small Lego designs while all were wearing work gloves.
    The teams were told that "ISS 3D printer had an extruder jam" so the Eaglets were instructed to make 3D designs by hand...
    They worked in small teams to assemble miniature space-related items. Well-done, Eaglets! We are very impressed by the results!

    With the assistance of our wonderful technology team, Ms.Drew and Ms.Broderick, our newly acquired 3D MakerBot printer was used to print the actual wrench that was printed onboard the ISS!
    Thank You Sharon Education Foundation for all of your support for Mission X activities! Our wrench literally glows in the dark! Awesome!

    3D printed space wrench
  • Soyuz Recovery!

    Soyuz Recovery

    Team USA Sharon Eaglets practiced their own version of "The Amazing Race" by practicing a crew rescue from "a Soyuz mission that landed in the snow".....

    Each team was given one less marker disc ("snow-shoe") than the number of crew members for each team.
    They had lots of fun discovering how to cross the gym floor (snow covered) as a team without any member touching the floor!!!!!!

    Balance, coordination, strength, patience and teamwork were all put to the test, and it was a great way to celebrate the Eaglets hard work during Mission X training.

    Soyuz Recovery Winter Survival Training Winter Survival Training
  • Life Size Crew assembly

    Crew Assembly

    Crew assembly took on a whole new meaning in 2016 as the Team USA Eaglets worked to construct a shelter on their martian base.....

  • Mission X 2016 underway!

    Crew Assembly, Repair Solar Array

    On January 17th, 2016 we officially launched MX 2016 as Team USA Sharon, MA.
    Our entire student body will be active in MX activities for the next three weeks, with over 500 kids ranging in age from kindergarten through Grade 5. We are named the Sharon Eaglets, as the Eagles are the official Sharon High School teams name!

    This year, all grade 4 students will be working with our technology teachers, Ms. Drew and Ms. Broderick, in a new exciting curriculum called "City X". Here, the students will be working on problem solving activities to sustain life on another planet. In the gym, we will be training like an astronaut, and we will incorporate many of these ideas into the Mission X theme! Exercise, fun, team work and learning-it doesn't get much better than this!

    Team work!