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Per ulteriori informazioni su quanto l'ASI sta facendo per divulgare tra gli studenti la scienza relativa al volo umano spaziale, esaminare il sito

Per ulteriori informazioni su quanto ESA sta facendo per divulgare tra gli studenti le scienza relativa al volo umano spaziale, esaminare il sito

Italian News

  • Hamburger and Fries Soup!

    Alberto and Niccolò conducting the experiment

    Today we talked about that blobby, gooey, sticky and slimy thing called FAT!
    We learned about visible and invisible fat. We determined that visible fat can be seen on food like meat, ham, sausages and bacon. Then we talked about invisible fat,which is fat that we know is there but is not easily visible. We brainstormed different types of fatty foods such as fast food cheeseburgers, fries, fried chicken and hot dogs. Our teacher surprised us by presenting us with a hamburger and fries purchased from a fast food restaurant. Our teacher presented us a problem: How can we visualise invisible fat?
    As the Italian Space Cadets are brilliant scientists we determined that by heating it we could see the fat. Our teacher gave us some tips and we conducted a scientific experiment using all the steps in the scientific method. We made an emulsion using the food, mixed it with water, boiled it, cooled it and then we observed the fat which formed a layer on the top.

  • Explorers + Medics = Discovery

    The explorers!

    Another astronaut mission for the Italian Space Cadets!
    We divided ourselves in pairs. One Cadet was the Medic and the other was the Explorer. The Medic recorded the Explorers heart rate and then the Explorer transported many different objects of different weights and sizes from the centre of the gym to their base, and then transported them back. The Medic recorded the Explorers heart rate again after the mission was complete. Then we swapped roles.
    We learned that to measure your heart rate you put two fingers on the side of our neck of wrist. We counted the beats for 10 seconds and then multiplied that number by 6 so we know approximately how many times our heart beats per minute. We observed that there were many different results among us.
    Go Mission X Italy!
    Go the Italian Space Cadets!
    Bloggers: Tommaso, Federico and Giorgio.

  • Let's go on... a spacewalk!

    The Cadet girls exercise!

    Hello everybody we went on a spacewalk!
    We needed to invent an activity that increased our self-control, coordination, balance and muscle strength. In groups we all brainstormed what we could do and presented our ideas to the class with a demonstration. After the demonstration, we tested the activities. One of the activities we invented was called the Curved Banana in which you need to run around the columns in the gym and do push ups.
    After this, we tried what Mission X proposed, the Bear Crawl and the Crab Walk. We had some competitions doing these walks. Adrian, Nicolò and Vittorio were the winners.
    There were cadets and crabs and bears in the gym! Oh my!
    Goodbye from the Italian Space Cadets!
    Bloggers: Elisa, Elena and Alice.

    The Curved Banana! The Bear Crawl The Crab Walk
  • Mission under control!

    Bouncing a ball while balancing on one foot!

    Hey astronaut friends!

    We continued our space adventure doing a SUPER Mission: control! lesson.

    We tried to balance on one foot for a world record time! Just kidding!!

    We balanced on one foot while bouncing a ball at the wall and on the floor. The we formed couples and we passed tennis balls and volley balls to each other with only one foot on the ground. We used this activity to improve the way we keep our body in balance.

    We did an awesome job, like always!
    We look forward to our new Mission X activity!

    Bloggers: Paula, Sara and Giulia.

    Wow! Look at them train! Mission Controllers!
  • Energetic Astronauts!

    The Food Pyramid!

    The Italian Space Cadets discovered that the most important spacecraft is....themselves! They learned that fuel for your bodies is called calories and you get them from food and drinks. They also studied the Food Pyramid, a flexible guide to a healthy and balanced diet. They made a class food pyramid and wrote a personalised ideal food plan.
    Now in the canteen, the Cadets are supporting each other to make sure they consume the right amount of food from the pyramid shelves.

    Watch out everyone! With the right amount of rocket fuel in their spacecrafts, those Cadets will RACE to the MOON!

    Go Mission X Italy!
    Go the Italian Space Cadets!