Mission X Song

Song lyrics:
Raise up all your hands.
Move around to this tune.
Gonna get your smiling faces dancing on the starlit moon.
The early morning star is wondering where you are.
You can’t be missing out, no missing out on all this bumpin’ fun.
Up above the world so high!
Mission X Mission X
Just lend me your ears.
Gonna groove to this motion.
If you wanna be a fit explorer keep your body in motion.
Try working hand in hand with friends from different lands
to grow agility, stability, and flexibility.
Up above the world so high!
Mission X starts now!
And you’ll explore the planets with a Robonaut.
I hope you’ll share everything you’ll be taught.
And you’ll be strong and able like an astronaut.
The speed of light ain’t got nothin’ on you, my friend.
And let us not forget to choose the foods and drinks
that keep us stronger, living longer, and can help us think.
The future’s in your hands. I hope you understand.
You’ll soon be blastin’ off at last and off to the great unknown.
Up above the world so high!
Mission X Mission X!
Song credits:
Music composed by Kelly Brunson And The Charolastras
Arrangements by: Kelly Brunson
Lyrics composed by Francisco Antonio Cortez & Favian Cortez
Saxophone: Kelly Brunson
Guitar: Ben Rowe
Bass: Bhavin
Drums: Joshua Guzman
Piano: Matthew Gonzales
Vocals: Francisco Antonio Cortez
Children’s voices: Rachel Patronella, Damian Patronella, & Dominic Patronella