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  • St George’s Space Crew explore the energy of an astronaut

    To understand the energy needs of an astronaut, St George’s Space cadets learnt about food pyramids and which types of food are important for an astronaut. They planned many a variety of menus for the astronauts and compared the energy content of different types of tortillas.

  • St George’s Space Crew measure their reaction times

    Our pupils really enjoyed testing their reaction times and Investigated if using a stress ball improved their reaction times. They also learnt about how important it is for astronauts to have good reaction times.


    We started making our board game that compbines space, nutrition and Mission X's activities!Through this game our students will learn more about space, healthy nutrition and the training of the astronauts by accomplishing the Mission X's activities!Let the game begin....!

  • Bouldern

    Die Eulonauten waren Bouldern.

  • Weltraummäuse sehr aktiv ...

    ... bei einer Turnstunde mit viel Weltraum-Trainings-Bezug:
    Vorübungen zum einbeinigen Werfen mit Bällen, dazu viel Springen (Stichwort: Jump to the moon ...)
    Sopaßfaktor & Effekt waren auf jeden Fall enorm!

  • Base Station Walkback

    The Little Explorers at Komotinis’ 9th Elementary School managed to run four circles of our school yard (total distance 1600m) and they were satisfied with their achievement. Throughout this activity students made observations about their own physical fitness level and progress in this physical activity by measuring their Heart Rate and using the Borg Scale of Perceived Exertion before and after exercise training.

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  • 石門國小 體能活動:高爾夫球

    小朋友們跟著教練學習正確揮桿的姿勢及訓練腰、腹、肩、背、大腿的肌肉,確保能擊出有力而穩定的高爾夫球 !

  • 石門國小 體能活動:慢跑


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