Hvis du vil vite mer om hva UK Space Agency gjør for å få studenter inspirert om bemannet romfart, kan du se på

Hvis du vil vite mer om hva ESA gjør for å få studenter inspirert om bemannet romfart, kan du se på

UK News

  • St Vincent's Primary calling the world from Glasgow!

    Students from St Vincent's Primary in Glasgow have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Mission X Programme. We have participated in a range of Learning activities such as Creative Writing and Astronaut Training. Great fun! We also made some fantastic model Space Craft.
    Thanks to all who provided inspiration and resources! Here's to next year - and beyond!

  • Air Resistance

    The Mission X Programme we took part in in St Vincent's formed part of a wider Solar System topic. Students considered how wind resistance had an important role to play to ensure capsules returned safely to Earth. We designed, made and tested our own parachutes before considering what changes might be made to enhance our designs.

  • Build an Astronaut Core

    There was a lot of moaning and groaning when St Vincent's students started doing these exercises! Over the course of the programme however results certainly improved. Evidence? A lot less moaning and groaning!

  • Mission Control

    St Vincent's students found this activity tough! It's not easy keeping your balance while engaged in an activity although we did improve with practice.