Mission X News

  • La scuola Salvo d'Acquisto chiama Luca Parmitano!

    Anche Pianeta G si sta preparando alla grande sfida internazionale: un emozionante collegamento Telebridge, in data 7 ottobre, con l'astronauta italiano Luca Parmitano!

  • 2013 ラストミッション!!!   Last missions !!!



    Since one year finishes the elementary school in Japan in March, it has challenged since December like last year.
    First of all, children are experiencing all the activities.
    The children of representation are going to visit to the Tsukuba Space Center of JAXA in January.
    Concern about the universe is likely to increase.

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  • "Звёздный кампус" к Миссии в 2014 году готов!

    "Звёздный кампус" к работе готов!

    Команда Центра поддержки молодёжных инициатив "Звёздный кампус" Управления культуры, молодёжной политики, туризма и спорта города Байконура приветствует всех, кого интересует космос и здоровье! Мы, молодёжь Первого международного космического порта в канун Олимпийских игры в Сочи, очень заинтересованы в развитии спортивного образа жизни среди подрастающего поколения. Именно этому направлению мы уделяем большое внимание, работая с детьми и школьниками на волонтёрских началах. Сегодня у нас сформирована команда лидеров, которые будут реализовать программу "Будь как астронавт" в школах нашего города - космической гавани. Мы желаем всем успехов!

  • Les Astrolussacais sous les étoiles !


    Ne pouvant emprunter une quelconque navette spatiale pour une sortie dans l'espace, ce sont donc les étoiles qui sont venues à nous.
    En effet, le mardi 10 décembre, grâce à son planétarium itinérant, Monsieur Favret, de l'association Contellations&Galaxies est venu faire découvrir aux Astrolussacais le ciel étoilé et ses constellations. Ce moment passionnant s'est clôturé par une observation du soleil grâce à une lunette adaptée.
    Toute l'équipe remercie Monsieur Favret pour ce moment partagé et riche d'enseignements.

    dans le planétarium Les Astrolussacais attentifs aux explications observation du soleil
  • Teacher has the right stuff to inspire Mission X schools

    Forest Hall School teacher Charmain Dunham

    Mrs Charmain Dunham from Forest Hall School strikes a heroic pose in the Sokul spacesuit loaned by the Heinlein Education Trust. Charmain has been one of the Team UK lead teachers - it looks as if the astronaut training with Mission X has given Charmain the right stuff to inspire.

  • Tim Peake Live From Houston

    Tim Peake - live from Houston

    British Astronaut Tim Peake took time out of his busy schedule to congratulate students and staff from Mission X Team UK 2013 and and to encourage schools new to Mission X 2014. Look out for Tim's special video message coming soon and announcements of more outreach challenges inspired by his forthcoming mission to the International Space Station in 2015..

  • Mission X Briefing Takes Place at the House of Commons

    Mission X Demonstrations by Manchester Communication Academy students

    Schools from across the country came to London to find out more about Mission X from our veteran Mission X schools. Demonstrations by Forest Hall School, Manchester Communications Academy, Hollygirts School, Summervile Primary, Northbury Primary, Hockerill Anglo-European College and Kingswinford Schools provided inspiration for our rookie schools. Dr Philip Lee MP hosted the briefing in the grand committee room in the House of Commons. This might have been the first time that urine samples were analysed and Big Macs blended in such splendid settings in the name of science. Luckily there were no spillages but just some great hands on science demonstrated ably by the students.

    A Great Blend of Science - Manchester Communication Academy
  • Equipo TABIT MISION X 2014

    Presentamos nuestro equipo para Misión X 2014, somos estudiantes del CER BOSCONIA una institución rural del municipio de Bucaramanga.

  • Tim Peake Calling London Live from NASA

    Tim Peake speaking to Rebecca Hayward from Hockerill Anglo European College

    Tim Peake helped brief teachers, students and politicians interested in Mission X at an event on December 4 at the House of Commons thanks to support from the Parliamentary Space Committee. The briefing entitled a Sense Of Space featured veteran schools demonstrating Mission X activities to our rookie schools. Quarterpounders were blended, urine samples analysed and reaction times tested! Students showed off their learning about bones and demonstrated marshmallownauts. New schools were welcomed to the Mission X Community by the UK Space Agency and some of our star schools received books signed by Lucy and Stephen Hawking. KIngs College London's Dr Green briefed us on how the body changes in space and his post graduate students showed us new ways to imagine what effect space has on the senses! Thanks to all the people who took part - especially Tim who gave such an exciting update on his training.

  • Pianeta G

    Ciao a tutti,
    siamo la 2G della Scuola Media Statale Salvo d'Acquisto di Cesano Maderno (MB) e il nome della nostra squadra è Pianeta G.
    Diamo a tutti voi il nostro benvenuto e vi mostriamo, con un video, come ci stiamo preparando alla prossima sfida internazionale: il contatto "Telebridge" con Luca Parmitano...buona visione!!

  • Le compte à rebours a commencé pour les Aulnaysiens

    La classe de 6G (option sport) du collège Gérard Philipe d'Aulnay-Sous-Bois (en banlieue parisienne) est heureuse de participer pour la première fois au projet "Mission X".
    Tout le monde est prêt à se confronter aux épreuves physiques et à mener les expériences scientifiques.
    "Train like an astronaut"
    A vos marques, prêts.....