Closing Ceremonies Webcast

The Closing Ceremonies Webcast for Team USA Sharon was held at the Heights Elementary School Gymnasium on March 22. Among the guests included were a number of elected officials including Representative Louis Kafka and staff assistant Edward Philllips, Representative Elizabeth Poirier, staff members from the office of Senator James Timilty and assistants to and US Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy, 3rd who delivered the opening welcome speech to the audience of staff, students, school administration and members of the Sharon Education Foundation. We had a wonderful event!

Here in these pictures you can view some of the guests, the "Volunteer Crew Assembly" station made up of our special guests, and some of the work behind the scenes in Houston!
Let's do this again!!!!!!!!!!

guests at web cast
crew assembly
Houston Mission X


Great Work

Teams in the UK were cheering you on from across the pond!