Mission X Splashdown. 18.03.13. Springside Primary School

Pupils at Springside Primary School, Bury, supported by staff from The Derby High School, Bury enjoy a fantastic climax to the Mission X project by spending a whole day at The Derby High School, Bury. Pupils participated in the astro agility course, they built their astronaut core, and they jumped for the moon before participating in mission control. If this wasn’t enough, pupils also looked at hydration and the importance placed on this by all astronauts.
Following lunch pupils entered deep space, watching the DVD spectacular; Space Station. The finale of the day was their graduation ceremony, where pupils received certificates. At the end of the ceremony specially selected pupils received awards for communication, athletic ability, scientific aptitude and two winning astronaut trainees were given Mission X T-shirts. Well done to everyone who took part.
Mr Kerr – Mission Commander

And they're off
Jump for it!
Astronaut Hydration Game


Splashdown Success

Great job - looks like you have the right stuff for Mission X!