Om meer te weten te komen over wat het Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) doet om leerlingen enthousiast te maken over bemande ruimtevaart ga je naar http://www.dlr.de/next/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-8986/15521_read-38114/.

Om meer te weten te komen over wat ESA doet om leerlingen enthousiast te maken over bemande ruimtevaart ga je naar www.esa.int/spaceflight/education.

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  • Be strong!

    Astro core

    Sometimes you don't have to run to feel your muscles and your body! Just get into the right position and hold it long enough... You'll feel muscles you never felt before! Well done El Paso Astronauts!

    Manchmal musst du gar nicht viel rennen, um deine Muskeln zu spüren. Nimm die richtige Position ein, halte sie eine gewisse Zeit und du wirst Muskeln spüren, von denen du nicht wusstest, dass du sie hast! Sehr gut gemacht, El Paso Astronauts!

    Astro core Astro core
  • Crew Assembly - ISS and Mission to Mars

    Crew assembly

    Did you ever try to build LEGO with gloves on? If so you know what it feels like working at the ISS in an EVA! Using LEGO Discovery the El Paso Astronauts work on building the ISS and Rockets, Launch areas, Satellites and a Mars Rover.
    It takes a lot of time. You have to bee very patient and you have to work as a team.
    ... to be continued...

    Hast du mal versucht, Lego mit Handschuhen zu bauen? Wenn ja, dann weißt du, wie sich Astronauten fühlen wenn sie einen Außeneinsatz in ihren Anzügen durchführen. Mit LEGO Discovery bauen die El Paso Astronauts die ISS, Raketen, Startrampen, Satelliten und Mars Rover. Das dauert sehr lange. Du musst sehr geduldig sein! Und du musst als Team arbeiten!
    ... Fortsetzung folgt...

    Crew assembly Crew assembly
  • Living bones - strong bones

    living bones

    The El Paso Astronauts learned a lot about bones. They started working on the spine - recognizing that everybody is taller in the morning, except the astronauts in space. There is no gravity pushing on the intervertebral disk.
    After that they discovered that not only the right nutrition keeps the bones strong. Choose a sport you like and exercise - your bones will get even stronger!
    Finally a paper model showed how the inner structure of bone makes them hold a lot!

    Well done!!!

    living bones living bones living bones
  • Agility Astro-Course


    Almost fast as light! Running through this parcours is quiet difficult the faster you want to be!
    Give them a soccer ball and do it the "World Champion Way" - this is really fun and makes them even faster!
    Well done El Paso Astronauts! Keep on working hard!

    Fast schon so schnell wie das Licht! Durch diesen Parcours zu rennen, wird schwieriger, je schneller du sein willst. Gib ihnen einen Fußball und sie machen es "weltmeisterlich"! So werden sie richtig schnell!
    Gut gemacht El Paso Astronauts! Trainiert weiter!

  • Energy of an astronaut

    Energy of an astronaut

    Not only nutrition is important for a healthy life. It is the balance between eating, being active, resting, health control and lifestyle.
    Today the El Paso Astronauts learned about health and nutrition on earth and in space.
    Starting with a breakfast and lunch break check they figured out what is good for them! Great! lots of fruits and vegetables, bread and water!
    After that they discovered that astronauts need to eat different when they are in space and how important it is to eat together!
    Great job!

    Energy of an astronaut