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Swedish News

  • Go break a leg!

    Hi there!

    Go break a leg is just what you would do if the gravity wouldn´t help you to keep your bones strong. But in this case we mean good luck!

    As you understand we´re working wth the exercise "Living bones, strong bones". It has been interesting to study the bone of a chicken and to compare it with a human bone. Tomorrow we will make a bone model to see if it can keep wieght.

    If you haven´t seen when the Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang eats candy in the space, we strongly recommend it, please follow the link below.

    In P.E we have done "Mission Control". It is fun to integrate theory with physics.

    Have a nice weekend everybody out there!
    / Le Stelle from Skövde in Sweden

  • Let's go Apollo 2A!

    Hello from 2A at Sunnerstaskolan in Uppsala, Sweden! We think Mission X is big fun and we are doing the missions with great enthusiasm. We have done two missions so far, but are planning on doing as many as we have time for in the MissionX period.

    We are also studying facts about the Space, and about what the astronauts have to know in order to become scientists in space.

  • Vansta Space

    We have trained outdoor this week. We have done some endurance training this week.

  • Here we go!


    In P.E we´ve doen the excerise "Do a Spacewalk". It was tough, but fun! During our Science lessons we have been working with the education kit from ESA. Now we know how gravity works. Thank you Newton for figured it out. Cool to find out our weight on other planets (www.ungafakta.se).

    We also know some more about comets. We have studied the comets, Halley and Mc Naught.

    Keep up the good work, everybody!

    / Le Stelle from Skövde

  • Vansta Space

    We invited our Local newspaper and informed them about our interesting project. And they wrote a big article about Mission X. Fantastic!