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Swedish News

  • Balance - tennis balls 2nd mission

    testing our balance


    We practiced our balance with tennis balls. We tried different techniques such as trowing the balls while standing on one leg during a specific amount of time. It was a lot of fun, because we got do something physical.

    Good bye! :D

    See you again from the 6th grade at Vittra Vallentuna

  • Via in space

    Hi everyone!
    We have now started our activities in Mission X. We are so exited to be a member of the competition! We started last week with "Jump for the moon" and this week we have taken our "Spacewalks". Our bodies is in pain today due to all exercise :) We have learnt more about ESA and all the counties who are members of ESA.
    Get luck everybody! Go Sweden Go!

  • Eye-hand reaction test


    We in grade six at Vittra Vallentuna were training eye and hand reaction. It was fun, a little boring sometimes, because we had to do the same thing over and over. It was something everyone did and appreciated.

    Bye bye!

    Everyone in grade six at Vittra Vallentuna. :)

  • Speed of light Vittra Vallentuna


    Yesterday we did our first mission. It was called speed of life. It was something we had done before in maths class. Most of us though it was fun.

    Best regards!

    Axel and Rasmus, year 5, Vittra Vallentuna

  • Speed of light

    Practicing eye-hand coordination

    Hello it`s Vittra Vallentuna from Sweden. Today we have work with speed of light. It was fun to do it. 75% of the class liked to do the experiment. We look forward to the next misson.

    Yours sincerely,

    Axel and Rasmus, year 5, Vittra Vallentuna