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  • Epic Spacepigs

    This week we have talked about that the Sovjet Union also sent rockets into space in the 50´s. The dog Laika was the first animal in space.
    The first man in space was the Russian kosmonaut Jurij Gagarin. This was in 1961. USA:s first spaceshuttle was Enterprice. We have also learnt that ISS, the Spacestation, began to be constructed in 1998. The last part was built in 2011 and the total weight of the ISS is 360 tons.They work with many different scientific project at ISS, for example how the human body reacts during a long time in space.

  • Epic Spacepigs

    We have now talked about space for three weeks. We have learnt about the Northern light. The word in latin is Aurora Borealis and we have also learnt that there is a Southern light called Aurora Australis in latin.
    We have also watched when Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon in July 1969.
    We have also started training like an astronaut.

  • Ice skating

    Today, the whole school went on an excursion. We walked to a sports ground where we went ice skating. We trained like astronauts when we skated around the ice.

  • Weightlessness in the pool

    Following a manual, building with Lego underwater. It's the closest we can come to weightlessness here on earth. Astronauts build and fix things in space and they also train underwater in a pool .
    We were under water for a long time. It was great fun but a little bit difficult.